Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Love it brother looking great


Maybe 11-12 oz


Hillcrest, your grows are amazing. I’ve been trying to pattern my grows after you, not over loving them but giving them just the proper attention. Its great work you are doing with your SCROG technique, it should be the golden standard. Keep it up brother :v:


11 to 12 oz of dried smokable bud?


Yes yes yes yes


Update on my girls white widow auto flower 24 days old…two blue dream getting them ready for my next scrog run


What nutrients you running now Crest? Have you check out Remo nutrients, New Millinieum, 13 Essentials, Humboldt Secrets, Recharge, and my newest one Emerald Harvest?


I still use fox farm but I use the power form been using recharge now for a couple years


Just started recharge last week hopefully i get the results they claim your grows always look great


I’m sure you’ll see the value of it @Brian091180 but it’s not obvious now you so late in flower but wait you’ll notice a more understanding in your vegging plants you got started now.


@hillcrest21678 can i reuse my soil? I used foxfarm ocean . Do I n÷do esu new soil every grow?


I guess you can I really don’t reuse my soil


Update on my girls…ILGM’s purple haze I was going to enter it in the bud of the month contest but I put the super silver haze in the purple haze is frosty though


Love the contrast in colour from the top view pic of the whole grow :+1::+1:


How long should I wait to start liquid food to foxfarm soil?


Man that Diamond Series is doing it huh?


As always you are killing it
Great job


Damn, I’m so envious, that’s some nice looking bud


Do you flush your plants? If so how do you flush the Scrog plant?


I never flush my plants through the veg process doing flowering i stop feeding at week 7 pH water till they finish…that’s me I don’t see a need to pour 9-10 gallons of water through a 3 gallon pot ijs👊🏿