Monster cropped goldleaf scrog


Wow, my brain is on overload @hillcrest21678 on my next grow I am definatly going to build a scrog like yours. However I have just been informed that I have to make everything I harvest last until the end of june, when I can start a new grow again. I am only on day 2 of the flip to 12/12, I possibly have 3 males in my grow, I also have 3 surprise autos that should be ready to hang 2-3 wks from now. The others still have a bit to go. You got mad game is all I can say.


My legs are 18.5 inches tall…I’ll put scrog in place maybe 2 weeks before I decide to flower… I don’t attach the plant to it I’ll let the plant grow up into the scrog and I tuck for the first two weeks of flowering


Tuck? Sorry, can you elaborate? Do you mean tuck the tops under the wire



Sorry about that but yes that’s exactly what I mean as it grows up through the wire just keep bringing it back under and put them where you want


I don’t know a lot but when I grew a few years ago, I was told to tuck the tops so your secondary can shoot up and it also keeps all the ladies the same height , again, I don’t know a lot and I could be wrong, but I don’t feel like I am :slight_smile:


love your pic’s ,i’m a first time grower ,growing for personal use and medication for the pain from my emphysema and my epilepsy ,and to try to help me sleep ,i am trying durban poison and gold leaf,i have only managed to get one of the durban poison to take and 2 of the gold leaf after getting them to root just died ,would you like to see my grow room and the plant that has taken off,maybe you could give me some tips :wink:


RDG1951 here. As I look at your scrog I see that you didn’t tie down the tops. I’m going to try a grow like this but I thought I read in the Grow Bible that you bend the tops over and tie to wire. I want to get a good canapy. Any advice?


Experiment and see which you like


Thanks hillcrest. I’m putting my screen together now. I believe they will
reach the screen in a few weeks. I’m going to join the group you all have
here. Awesome site with great information and friendly people. Thanks again


@hillcrest21678 just read this entire thread and only word I have is WOW! You are definitely the scrog master! Keep on keeping on will be following you. :thumbsup:


Update on my girls comeing along pretty good tomorrow be the start of week five for the


what a machine you are…a Master Monster Cropper!


I got lost in your last picture. Those look great and you will have a plentiful harvest in no time :-D!


You’ve convinced me to give scrogging and go, I’m going to try it this weekend , can I tag you in my post if I need any help or just to see what you think when it’s done @hillcrest21678


Update on my girls things come along pretty good


Beautiful​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: @hillcrest21678


It’s no denying that 350 man they putting on big time.


That’s just crazy! In a gorgeous kind of way…


Schwazy three ah light?


With your Scrog up top, which looks amazing btw how much would you guesstimate that will be??