Monster cropped goldleaf scrog

Lmao its always tempting scrolling through amazon lookin at equipment.

twin 700 watt mars hydro 2,and new babies in new tent


Oh oh , 2 Mars hydro and another tent , you gone be busy but yet happy in 5 months !!!

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Your 20 flowering girls updated pics look wicked nice. I’m sure that was an old post but I had to respond. I’d bet they are looking good now.

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Yeah they look pretty good I’ll post some pictures up later on tonight wants my lights come on

Update day 28 flowering :v:


Can open your grow from the back. I’m ready for my new scrog net but due to minor physical issues I can’t crawl under to water ones in the back.

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I have three plant in a straight row so i dont have to crawl any were.Make it easy for yourself. I have a small tent and that make it easy for me :v:

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Im really starting to like these lights :v:



Do you know what your issue is at the bottom right of the second picture? I’m trying to learn to recognize problems by sight, so was curious.

i have three plants in there it the middle plant that been my problem child. i think she has a little nitrogen problem but no real problem at this stage :v:

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Didn’t seem to be a problem. Looking good, just checking myself. I was thinking magnesium. :wink:I need more work! Lol

So yoshi, at what point during flower could one start to increase the dark period for increased tricombs ? When I say increase I mean beyond the standard 12 hours.

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Maybe this will answer my question to,topic:3197. I don’t know how to copy, or paste

@rjw71 this how I did my grow on my last harvest , First two weeks into transition from veg to flower , I ran my light schedule at 12/12 . Than for week 3 after transition that most new beginners , "such as myself " I thought it was week eleven if I’ve done an eight week veg , most think that’s how you calendar a cannabis plant , which is completely wrong to my experience , his time is called preflower of transition , so in between veg and flower , there are 3 weeks that’s not actually counted in the grow schedule . But after week 2 in flower , changed lights from 12/12 to 11/13, than next week from 11/13 to 10/14 and leave it there until plant starts to bud and flower for at least 4-6 weeks , you should see rapid flowering and crazy resin trichomes building , that crystal , icy looking stuff on leaves and buds , and pistils should bloom into fat colas , are you can wait until week 6 in flower and switch to 10/14 and get the same results if you did not transition your plant correctly .


The MarsHydro led don’t seem to beanbag invest for Connisuer’s that has a limited budget on grow lights , but hey it’s also an option for me as well . I’m a protege to your technique my friend , awesome job all three times !!!

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Yoshi i run marsHydro buy choice not because of a budget i could go buy 2000 dollar light today but why.MARS HYDRO WORK


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