Monster cropped goldleaf scrog

update day 22 flowering


this is some goldleaf from my last grow this is some awesome smoke its been curing now for about 6-8 weeks smooth sweet :v:


PRETTY girls .and nice head way their making for22 days. are you using any of Roberts boosters ?.

thanks and no not using Roberts booster

Update 30 days into flowering :v:


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? Is there a standard size each sq in the net for the scrog

i use 2 inch sq thats just me

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What’s up bro just finished my net 23.00 homedepot what do u think


lol they look better when full :stuck_out_tongue: but very nice


Yeah right installing today working on it

nice what size is it

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44"×44"×20" cost only 23.00

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Nice amazing all from 3 plants hope minds comes out as good still trying to figure out what to do when it comes time to water guess I will stick with using wetvac

Update day 37 flowering:v:


Looking awesome as always

Noticed some of the water leafs are starting to show some
purple, at least I think that’s what I am seeing. The reason
I mentioned this is I have just started to notice some purpling
of a few water leaves on mine as well ( 2 week stretch + 17 days flower)
and was thinking it could be a deficiency ? Last run-off PH was
a little high at 6.2 in Pro-Mix HP, target is 5.9. Temps day 76
night 68, Humidity 35 to 47 RH.

Now thinking it could be natural in this strain OG Kush? If it were a deficiency
what would you suspect, thinking I could try and correct it and see if I can.

I really do not see much to worry about in my pictures just so leaf yellowing which is normal about now.:v:In your case picture would help

@MacGyverStoner do you or anyone see any problems with my grow thank [quote=“fnd, post:166, topic:3197”]
Noticed some of the water leafs are starting to show some purple

Thanks hillcrest, Rather then clutter up your thread I went
and posted some pictures of the issue in my own thread, I
sent you and invite :slight_smile:

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Iceburg very good job buddy , now it’s time to get your reward of your own creation grow to double or triple your yield. Can’t wait to update of grow .

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