Monster cropped females - flower cycle time

Hi all, I have 6 Feminized ladies I cloned (monster cropped).
The first grow with these fems took 12 plus weeks in the flower cycle.
The Blueberry fem was ready before I thought it was. It started to grow Nanners before the end of the 12th week and I didn’t notice until the 13th week… no biggie because the outlier plants were ready for harvest also.
My question is: how long should the flowering cycle be on plants that were monster cropped. Is the time generally shorter ?? Please help!

I forgot to mention it’s only been 7 weeks since I switched them over to 12/12 and I spotted a Nanner growing on the Blueberry girl again… is this because she is a clone?

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Yes it is @Ace2012 get it out of the grow room and start over trust me this will keep happening if you don’t.

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Agreed. Thanks for the input!

Each clone will take as long as the mother did , sometimes it very s but not to often

@Wishingilivedina420state. Thanks for the response.!

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