Monster crop when to flip into flower?


Looking really good @Jam nice and full


Thanks @Drillbit they are gonna have some decent weight. Can’t wait to get stats like biggest average per plant n so on. Just needed to tweak a couple of things next time I felt I did to late. But Yeh, I’m pretty stoked.


Thanks @Mudcrab01


Awh get in there Congratulations mate brilliant mate :v:️.


Thanks man I’ll put up some killer rods soon to check out, huge n fat !! @Johnzy81


@Justgrowin do you take lower limbs for the clones ?


Yes. When I cut off the lowers that won’t make anything is when I would clone. Usually around 1-2 weeks after flip but I have gone as far as 6 weeks into flower


ty very much !


Yes @greenergrass I take the lowers as they go when you lollipop anyway !! Just make sure they have a bit of Woody stalk, you will always get a better strike.


ty @Jam appreciate any information I can get .


Did the mono do what you wanted ?


Yes @tanlover442 but it’s very strong I think npk is 0-36-54 so tons of phosphorus n potassium use at about 3rd week into flower. But it will definitely fill them up !!!