Monster crop when to flip into flower?


@Jam yes going well just a waiting game now…although did pick a bud to test from purple :joy::joy::joy:…she should go first and the others will follow.

Is the mono working well for you?


og kush
gorilla glue 4 holy grail kush @Mudcrab01 @Sirsmokes @Covertgrower @Johnzy81


Looking good mate…happy with the mono?


@Mudcrab01 just started today so nearly perfect timing. Although I got one with npk 0/54/36 the manutec was hard to get. So started with 500 ppm and normal up to 1500. If it goes well I may even more than double. If they look good. I know they love potassium in last 4 weeks. So personally with flower simulator should eat it up !!


@Jam what was that one? I get the mono direct from the company


Just off eBay !! @Mudcrab01 just mono potassium phosphate


Looking really good @Jam love the OG, and GG!


Looks like they are fatten nicely thanks for the tag mate keep up that great work :v:️.


week 5.5


Looking good mate


Thank @Mudcrab01 I’m very happy !! But I must admit I would have liked to have got the mono about 3 weeks earlier. But still it’s got about 2 weeks to go. Some three. But will definitely use earlier next round. Got another round of pics Sunday !!


@Jam I am pretty happy with the mono also will certainly use it in future for sure.


They are looking great mate well done :v:️.


Thanks @Johnzy81 I’ll take a round of pics tonight. 10-14 days left. Yellowing at perfect time, and starting to feed n drink less. Apart from a few 9 weekers. There just sticky and covered in res !! And have really fattened up !! Wish I started mono potassium earlier !!


It’s all good mate you have done excellent and as you can see it’s all about knowing what your plants want and when they want them it like almost everyone else that is here with us we learn as we go along and if it’s possible your next grow will be eye watering to look at by harvest time keep the faith my friend and Congratulations on doing so well :v::100: :v:️.


Thanks @Johnzy81 I actually have last Sunday’s pics. I’ll post a bit later. I pick off four small leaves and van roll a little but decent hash ball lol. What would normally take half oz !!!

week 6.5 holy grail, gg4,blue cheese, og kush, amnesia VIP. @Covertgrower @Sirsmokes @Mudcrab01 @Dr.DankThumb420 @FloridaSon @Growit


Class looking excellent and all different strains you are going to have lost off joy from there @Jam :v:️.


Well done @Jam


Last pics week 8 days to go, waiting on trichomes colour.

og kush all done n dusted more pics n weights. When I got the time. @Mudcrab01 @Johnzy81I @elheffe702 @garrigan65 @Growit @Sirsmokes @Covertgrower @Dr.DankThumb420 @Laurap @longshanxiatao


Damn those buds look fat! gj!