Monk's third try: 2 LSD, 2 banana kush , and 2 afghan

@Fiz i can’t wait for that gas smell the buds are already getting frosty as heck!!

The seeds are ILGM. My temps were pretty much in the 70 - 85 range, we did have a couple of cooler mornings - 65 degrees in the tent. The first grow, the pastel one - ran from October to January, this run started in February and the purple plant came down 4/20, so similar weather conditions throughout.

The scent isn’t “gassy” to me, it’s sweet with a touch of spiciness behind it. Both smelled the same way. I have a GG4 auto budding right now - THAT one smells gassy.

If you’d like to take a peek, here’s my current grow.

you’ll get 2 to 4 oz on that one plant after drying. this journal is from 2 years ago and i’m old and burnt out lol, so the grows kinda run together lol. i tagged you into my newest journal. i’m not doing the journals for other’s entertainment, i’m doing them so i don’t have to keep notebooks around which i’d lose. i have 5 grows under my belt and all have journals on here so i can go back and see what happened


We’re all the LSD strains photo periods or were they all autos? And have you tried both

i never do autos or regular seeds. being in a 4x4 tent i want control of when i flower to keep them from outgrowing tent

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Femenized only that’s what I’m doing beauty takes time and gotta gave full control to get the best right?