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I’m all new to this computer stuff


kk bud, i am looking all over and just searched critical purple and it wasn’t there, what title was it under? beginner? indoor? and which subtitle. i am sorry but i can’t remember where it is at and i just burned a nice candy kush lol


New grow critical purple


New grower myself, on my second attempt now three weeks from harvest. I learned so damn much in the first grow it is not even funny. The guys and gals here are great and always have great ideas. I am following the grow and look forward to seeing the progress @monkman :sunglasses:


thanks a bunch @Bandwidth and welcome, if this is anything like real life i will be providing some real oops shenanigans lol worth a chuckle but sometimes even worth a guffaw :wink: but i learn best from making mistakes. the reason i’m still here is the gang that is on. great people, generous and knowledgeable. and i need all the help i can get :+1:


Smoke on my friend


all four plants in peat pellets are now showing their heads. all seem to be doing fine. i have removed the dome of my jiffy germer and have them sitting in a south facing window again today, no sunshine. i kept the 5 LED soft light bulbs on all night and plan to do it again. am going to my support gang today to make payment and get some stuff. i will get a bottle to mist spray water on my plants. it is very dry in my house due to winter though the pellets still feel a little dampish i want to get a spritz on them today.


Hey Monkman, great to see you have life! Some say to spray the leaves and some say not to. Definitely can get some burning on the leaves from light magnification. Likely depends on the light you’re using but I’m not sure on that. FYI - I just kept the soil moist and the humidity high. I hardly ever took them out of the dome. Mostly just to water and I didn’t water very much. I got paranoid because of all the people on here getting into trouble from overwatering. I think I went the other way and didn’t water enough but the plants never complained. I’m heading down to water the girls now. Right or wrong the last time I watered was the 9th - 5 days ago…

Congrats and enjoy,


I too am a Mitten State Newb on my first grow. Dove in head first, and tried three strains on my first go. I panicked at first, as they all grew at different paces, now I just water and talk to them, and let them be. My first “green” showed up Xmas day, now she’s beginning to flower. I’ve discovered I can make this project just as easy or difficult as I choose. Good luck.


@SteveC gotta love the legalized recreational pot. thanks for visiting my journal, welcome to come along for the ride, try to learn from all my mistakes lol. @Verndoc is mich also


Okayyyyyy demmit, just back from treehouse and my 4x4x6 secret jardin is on back order, treehouse ordered 3 weeks ago and the supplier just told them today that it is back ordered until mid march. what a bummer. we think, in sitting and figuring out a solution that we will be able to make do until tent arrives.

on a happier note, they have ordered my 0-250x camera/microscope and it should be in early next week so i will be able to start posting pics. i also got solo cups (clear and opaque) to transfer the peat pellets to when it is time. also a coco/peat moss mix to put in the solos. i will put a clear inside an opaque one and put holes thru both. Amanda said to do it that way so we can inspect the roots, and also she wanted me to not go directly to 3 gallon pot so that she can treat the roots when i go from solo to 3 gallon pots. i got my hygrometer? heat and temp meter, my meter to check soil moisture for later, a couple of trowels to load soil to pots, a misting bottle which now that i said that i am going to go upstairs and give the little heathens a spritz after i’m done with

So basically i am happy with where i’m at, got all i need to take the pellets to next stage with the solo cups and just have to get something to handle the last two weeks waiting for the tent to show, that is about a month away. three steps forward and one back, as per usual in any project i’ve been involved with, you can only control what is yours to control and no sense worrying about others (the tent supplier). i don’t have a problem with them being back ordered, i have a problem with them sitting on the info for 3 weeks before telling us… we fixed them… i ordered another and told tree house to tell the supplier to hop to it LOL.

oops forgot the plant update. the three little guys are all above the pellet about a quarter inch and have tiny little round flowers with the first serrated leaf pair just starting to show between the round pair. the other heathen whom my sister has dubbed as Trixie the slut because she is fast is inch and quarter tall and it’s round leaves are bigger than the 3 little guys and it also has the first pair of serrated leaves showing and just a bit bigger than the little ones. i spritzed them just a little.


@SteveC Where in the mitten do you stay? If you are in southeast michigan I love Hydro Depot on 8 Mile they have some of the best prices on nutrients.


a welcome to @Rayofsunshine to my journal, appears lots of michiganders on here lol


I’m a West-sider, kinda between Lansing and GR. Have just started visiting grow shops there, but so far, Amazon is my friend.


all righty then, day two of plant showing in peat pellets. i have replaced my 5 bulbs in fixture with five a21 led 100w 1500 lumin bulbs. my slut named trixie is no longer up there by herself. the other three did a bunch about catching her overnight so they are all about inch and a quarter tall. humidity upstairs is around 25% and pellets were light brn so gave a good spray to them, had the dome over them but took it off and humidity in there was 64% and still going up when i pulled the dome… temp is 74 degrees… the leaves are just so tiny they look like dwarf leaves… but… patience u dummy… they are two days showing LOL hopefully my camera will show next week so i can show you guys what’s going on and get better input so you guys can tell me… knock it off, quit worrying, and have patience LOL


Lol, yep patience, my man! Took mine 16 days to go from this

To this


ty very much @Bobbydigital that helps me a bunch to develop the patience that has been lacking in my attitude.


I wish I could say that checking on them 20 times a day goes away, but I can’t say that, lol. At least for the first grow, as I’m still on.


lol yep, i’m getting lots of exercise on the stairs


Good luck on the grow brother, I’m tapping out…Seems if you have an opinion that differs here then your labeled a trouble maker or something… I’m out good meeting you tho.