Money is in limbo!


So I sent a cash payment because the site repeatedly kicked back my credit card. After a week I decided to contact ILGM, only to get a reply that cash payments take up to 3 weeks to clear and get a response… The site says all it’s 2 days from receiving payment… I am really thinking I’ve been scammed and that this website prays off desperate people. My husband is a pancreatic cancer patient, so I am one of those desperate people, my money is either in Limbo, stolen, or been scammed… I am extremely disappointed with the service if indeed this is a legit business at all. And since it Cash and I didn’t track the mailing, I am essentially screwed out of $400… If this is an actual legit business, could someone PLEASE follow up with more than “Oh, you must wait 3 weeks before we can tell you ANYTHING”…

Signed, Scammed cancer caregiver!


I’ve never ordered with cash. I used my bank card and I had to authorize my bank to proceed with order. Ilgm is probably the most legitimate seed bank I’ve found. Just keep contacting customer service and you’ll get your seeds. Don’t fret


It’s not a scam company, really. I’ve bought many seeds from ILGM, though not with cash. I would try to contact them again.


I have sent cash twice and cc once no problem what so ever. When I did the cc I called the bank immediately after I made purchase. I know others that have sent cash.


I can’t remember who the customer service rep. is that takes care of this.


@latewood will know


I’ve ordered twice from them. However, both times I used credit card. I’ve not had a problem yet!


I have a friend that used cash the first time. It did take longer. I’ve done 2 purchases with credit card now and both came in about 2 weeks. ILGM was good about email notices. I hope your husband gets the relief he needs. God bless.


@GRNthumb sorry to hear about your troubles with ordering. I have ordered multiple times from here, and I can assure you that they will send you seeds, if the cash made it there. You could have tracked it’s progress all the way there if you wanted. It does take about 3 weeks as suggested.
Please remember the forum is not actually the seed bank. We are all growers here, but many of us have ordered from the site.


I can for 100% tell you that this is a legit site, I have placed 4 or 5 orders with these people and alway got my gifts…and when I got a couple that didn’t work right I sent email and they replaced them…free…these are some great people at ILGM…you can rest at ease…you will get your gifts…@GRNthumb


I would never mail cash, especially $400.00 in cash! To easy for it to get taken from dishonest people. If you send cash in the mail, do it in a way that can be tracked so you know where it’s at. I trust ILGM, they have good product. If your seeds don’t sprout, or you don’t get them after 25 days, they will replace them for free. Like I said, I’ve ordered twice from ILGM, never had a problem.


I always use a prepaid card…netspend, that way I don’t have to call my bank, I did this once and the lady had the nerve to ask what I was gonna purchase! Told her right fast like it wasn’t her concern! After that I bought a netspend card loaded it with the amount I needed and no one was the wiser…


Smart! @Sittingbull64 Yeah it’s nobodys business what your buying. Some people can’t help themselves.


I always pay cash. Took a week to get there. And a week for the seeds to arrive.


Check your order status


I have done the cash method and it takes up to 4 weeks it’s 7 to 10 days for your cash to reach them then they process it and ship it out taking another 7 to 10 days. That’s providing there is no hold up in customs. Very legit site. I too got worried when it took forever. But great company your seeds will be in the mail shortly. In my case I believe it took longer for them to get my money than it did for me to get seeds


Just a heads up, I got an email saying they had processed the payment and that it has been shipped! I am SO relieved. Thanks everyone who replied and reassured me that it would work out.


Sometimes you just gotta have faith @GRNthumb ! Told you it would work out. Relax and when you get your seeds… enjoy your grow! We are here for you!


When you get your seeds you should come back and start a grow journal so we can help you through a successful grow.


@ILGM.Support.Claire we have a customer with an issue could you be of assistance please @GRNthumb