Moldy om buds during drying period

I got mold on couple big nugs had to toss like half oz kept about 74 grams think I should still smoke the other buds they look good no mold so far that I can see let me know anything is appreciated!!, first days I’ve been smokeing it, had the mold i didn’t bother to look till manicure made me kinda sick for 4days made my lungs feel like shit any help is appreciated!!!

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As long as you are sure that you have removed all mold. I had some in a half gallon jar, everyone here said don’t consume anything with visible mold. Be sure to thoroughly check every bud. :ok_hand:


Alright cool thanks Man , messed up in the dry had my humidifier on prob to strong and got to wet ahaha smh and I had my exhaust from my other grow to fan it out ahaha


Ya lack of airflow and humidity will do that quick.

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Hell yeah @Highwayman420 !!

@Budbunny watch the f bombs please

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Do you have any automation? I set my exhaust fan to turn on at 66% during dry. I have it set low at like 20-30% speed so when it does turn on its a slower roll (AC infinity fans ramp up and down, long process when set higher dumps too much humidity at even 50% speed.) Yours could be different. I also have a small desk fan I hang by ratchet strap that blows the air around under the drying buds. Humidifier set to 20 or 30% (operation level not RH) (ive even used the towel and bucket of water humidifier method)

Did you do a bud wash? If not I FULLY recomend it next time. (Prior to drying) Specifically the peroxide/water rinse. This will help and lessen if not eliminate any mold spores that may already be on your buds prior to drying giving you a better shot at mold free dry.

Location plays a roll here too. Myself, I’m in the airid climate, so not alot of mold spores in the air to begin with…its almost hard to get bread to mold here…it dries out to fast. When I lived in Iowa my basement was so musty all the time mildewy…had to get a bread box to keep a loaf longer. Lots more humidity to contend with.

Good advice to be vigilant not only about checking the jars daily and each bud b4 you grind it. Hate to get a fungal lung infection, believe that! (Painful, I understand.) As well as cleaning with peroxide/water your grow area. All surfaces, fans, tents etc. Mold spores are sticky and can contaminate future attempts. Even the smallest amount of mold can sporulate all over the place! And if you can see it, it has already sprayed!

Can we see your harvest? How was it? Easy sauce or did you run into issues along the way? Aside from the loss are you pleased with results?

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I got ac infinity on my other tent ahaha not the drying tent i used, but I’ve never heard of a bud wash man idkk.but im up in az dry climate and she was easy growin no issues @Docnraq

Inline fan would be ideal to remove any heat buildup, but not necessary if you have some 6" circular fans inside the tent to avoid stale air. You want air movement, but not too much or it will dry out the buds too quickly. Don’t ask me how I know this lmao. What I do is have a couple 6" fans, one below and one above the drying buds. Nothing blowing on them at all. I do daily checks on temp and humidity and adjust as needed. Hence the inline fan. Try to keep around 60 degrees and 60% RH if possible. You’re in a lower RH state, so you may have to throw a humidifier in the room to get that up…if needed. I would avoid putting any sort of humidifier inside the drying tent.

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Yea honestly messed up by putting it in their ahaha crap happens man learning from mistakes :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl: @Highwayman420

All you can do. I literally had to toss 2 mature late flower plants because I messed up the lighting timers when I moved room.

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But this is my recent harvest of my lucy that I had a cutting of she’s a 1:1 @Docnraq

Here is a good video on the wash. Lotsa dust here in the desert, all the reason to clean your harvest.