Molded Harvest?

In the process of curing and i dont like the smell. Its not an Amonia or cat piss smell nor does it smell like mildew. Strain is Hindu Kush (according to the dispensary) i bought it as a clone… my question is did I end up with a bunch of molded garbage after all my time and effort?? Im searching for information and pics of mold as well, and the many types… thanks i appreciate any help you can offer

Do your buds break up some when you squeeze them or mash together?

They stick together…

They dont smoke like they smell and the lil bit I’ve smoked to test it was potent … stoned me pretty quickly. Very unexpected surprise… i figured it would be shitty because it smells like a strain i wouldn’t enjoy

I just git finished reading some stuff on different types of mold … I’m thinking its mire than likely molded or at least some of the buds may be

Check the buds up close with a scope , mould will look like tiny white spider webbing all over the affected area . I hope for your sake its not mould.

If it is it may just be early stage so he might get away with removing the affected areas and a bit around them, then getting humidity/ventilation under control to dry them properly whilst watching VERY closely for any spread.

If it’s spread, then it may be too late.


When harvested…best to hang where air can absorb moisture. After 4 days, if mostly dried, move to big brown paper sacks. Open top so air can move.

Tightly packed buds will hold moisture and mold can start. Big colas have to be watched for that.
If you doubt it’s clean…cut off “molded” sections and dry completely. Again…as stated…a magnifying will show if it’s good or bad on the bud.

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… Thanks for your input and i somehow got lucky. No bud loss no Amonia or cat piss smell nor mildew smells…

Good deal. I do see lots of pretty shiny sparkles…lucky you

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Got a question… Yes another potentially fatal error on my part… I broke a branch that had about a dozen or more bud sites on it. There was no taping it back and supporting… its OFF… so im attempting to salvage a possible clone from the limb. But my questions are : would a little bit if root hormone used for cloning help out in any way? And my otger question is being that this is week 4 of Flowering is she Dead?? Or is a Blueberry and GSC Hybrid clone tough enough under less than ideal conditions, to survive a brutal shock like that? Thanks for any help buddy… i appreciate it !first pic is after IMG_20180725_170632|666x500