Mold!? WPM!? Please help

Need help! Was buttoning up tent and noticed this on my seedling. On close inspection it does not seem powdery at all or even has any build up. Looks like someone took ash and wiped it on the leave. Tent temps have been constant 74-78 with RH at 40-60 percent. Plants have three 6 in fans circulating air 24/7.

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I have also watered with tap water ppm of 150 @ 6.5 ph. When watering seedlings I spray one time on leaves and then water the soil. I don’t know if it’s possible the white spots could be left over minerals from the tap water drying on leaves?

Yea its most likely tap water residue since it sounds like you do it often and stop it you’re just praying to get light damage as you increase intensity, besides she looks large enough to handle full soil saturation


Your fine at that stage mold is more of a flowering issue


Healthy looking seedling Community got you covered.

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Thank you guys! (new grower anxiety)
takes hit

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