Mold treatments

Has anyone used water ph’d to 8.0 as a deterrent to mold. You spray it on and creates an environment unfavorable to the mold spores.

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@Myfriendis410 help please

I’ve never heard that. But peroxide is what I always see recommended for mold.

Never heard of it but you can raise the PH with baking soda and it will kill mildew (however; it’s up around 14 PH).

Peroxide is the single best treatment IMO until getting into the high priced treatments like Azamax (which still uses peroxide). Milk makes the plant look scruffy and it’s gonna flake milk proteins for weeks. Potassium Bicarbonate is sold too but straight 3% peroxide nukes that $h!t right now.


Myfriendis420…Thanks. I presently use H2O2 as my main source of deterrent for mold. I was cruising some other forums and read about the ph’d water.

So far, no mold.

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I hadn’t heard of using ph’d water. My main deterrent is H2O2. So far so good.

By the way, love your videos.

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Oh well thank you :grin:

I’m currently waging my first battle against pwm. I’ve diluted h2o2 with water and sprayed it. Are you recommending straight 3% peroxide ? That won’t burn the plant?

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I dilute mine to 1 pt h2o2 to 1 gal water. So far no mold or PM.

I’d like to know if straight H2O2 is ok. Or if it does the job better. Sorry for all the H2O2 questions but I’ve had no problems with my grow up to now and I’m not starting now. We’re on full war status.

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Try a dilute mix first just to make sure the plant can tolerate it. Usually 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 ratio is plenty.