Mold problem, please help

Question from a fellow grower:

There are 3 Low Rider plants that were cut two weeks ago and were
put in a large black plastic bag with the top open, per instructions;
however, the plants (buds and stems) appeared to have gotten mold on
them. All leaves had been cut and was just the stems with buds on them.
These plants were sprayed with antibacterial Lysol spray to kill the
mold. Do you think this spray affected the plants adversely and does it
make them unsafe for consumption? Is there some other method for
getting rid of the mold, and is there a way to avoid the mold in the
first place. How can these buds be saved at this point?

Wash with an h202 solution. Look it up on youtube. Has a nice vidoe by JC.

Hell no dude! Why in the world would you spray a chemical disinfectant on a budding plant? That’s absurd!

Do not smoke that. Throw it out immediately. First, it’s moldy, and now it’s moldy with chemicals covering the mold. That sounds so awful for someone to even think about smoking or using.

If you didn’t spray the plant with Lysol then yea, you could have washed the buds off. But now, I wouldn’t even think about smoking those buds. If you do I hope you have good health insurance lol :v:


Black reusable shopping bag maybe, but a black plastic bag? Maybe it can be done doesn’t mean it should. I’d think plastic bag would contribute to mold heat and drainage issues. An on the bag yeah I think I like a $3 smart pot better
Oh. Already harvested. Thought it was growing oops. I am what they call a dummy sometimes.

Who told you to put them in a plastic bag ?

You’ve got to hang them for anywhere from 4 to 10 days depending on the heat and humidity with a fan on them so you don’t get the mold

I personally wouldn’t consume it but I’m not sure if it can be treated. I would tend to think not


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Agreed my friend sorry for your loss… But please don’t smoke that!!