Mold Problem on Hydroton

I’ve got this strange white fuzzy mold growing on my medium. There also appears to be some in the reservoirs? Pictures aren’t the best, but hopefully you’ve got some ideas! How do I get rid of it?

@Donaldj is a hydro guys and can probably help you @ktreez420 I believe also grows hydro
Sorry I’m a soil guy but I think one of tent can square you away


Looks like a humidity issue

Humidity is 45% lights on and 50% lights off.

Then Airflow

I had the same fungus in my basement.

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I have a fan blowing across them constantly and the exhaust fan cycles on fairly often!

Lets get back to the basics? what kind of system Ebb&flow DWC NFT Aero?
which nutrient line are you running?
PH of nutrient solution
Standing water and or constantly wet hydroton can support mold growth but most molds don’t like alkaline ph levels and flourish close to 7 ph I will let you get some more details together before touching on any suspects

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Fill and drain system.
Using Canna Aqua.
Ph is 5.9 right now, I keep it between 5.7 and 6.0
The water is filling four times per day for fifteen minutes. The Hydroton is not staying wet. The mold is growing above the line that the water fills to.

All about business!! :man_farmer:

usually you keep a dry layer above root mass meaning a layer which is always dry and never gets moist you are using an organic product line which actually is feeding the mildew

to me it’s very odd and quite possible your medium is staying moist longer than you think usually no part of my upper layer of hydroton ever gets moistened after roots have started I am more concerned with why than how to get rid of it does little to treat the effect without finding the cause


Holy shit @Donaldj, I think that explains every symptom I’ve been having for the past four months! Time to make a spray!


I would adjust your fill level or add an extra layer of hydroton after picking out buck of moldy medium then spraying with Apple Cider Vinegar

The point is to learn and all systems of growing require same basic needs light air water and nutrients how they are applied differs then most problems are matter of ruling out what isn’t working right then adjusting. All problems have a root cause treating symptoms only ends with same problem happening again knowing the cause means in all future grows the issue will be prevented. Not to say it can’t happen twice but rules out one contributing factor :wink:

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Saw my spiders look like this

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That’s really creepy!

Looks like a bad horror movie