Mold prevention at harvest time

I’ve read of several things to do to help prevent mold/bud rot: Covering the plants when it rains as well as various sprays. Two sprays that seem possibilities are potassium bicarbonate and another made of rosemary, citronella, and tamanu oils. Does anyone know the right mixture and method of application for these treatments?

I personally would never spray anything onto flowers. Especially any oils that will remain in the flowers and taint your bud. I would do all you can with airflow and humidity control before applying anything to them.


@Milehigh . Bud Rot usually occurs during the flowering stage not after cutting down …reg mold white and furry or white and powdery usually happens, do to to much moister …while hanging OR Curing , "especially " …hold tite, on this post . iam gonna run next door to the lab to confirm some thing first … Ps .are you a Lab Member??..its a wealth of info … Hammer

@Milehigh…Here’s as simple as it can be …cut plants ,hang up side down ,in grow room 70 dgrees temp. RH 40%, when the small stems snap , when bent at 90 degrees …" remember Snap… not just bend …add small fan to move air in the room ,"but don’t aim at the plants… If done This Way, It will be dry enough to start curing…Bet I know what your about to Ask …and theres Lots of reading on the subject of curing all ready posted in the forum HAHA …but will help if you don’t find what you need :innocent:… Hammer

Many thanks to Blountville and Hammer for their input. I was hoping for any proactive measures for preventing bud rot before harvest, and I’d heard of the two I mentioned.

If oils (and the ones listed are all used for human consumption) are a bad idea, what about potassium bicarbonate or other high pH sprays?

How do I become a Lab Member?

@Milehigh… go to…and they will have the Pacific’s on the fee and access… Hammer

I have heard of folks using potassium bicarbonate for powder mildew but only after finding it …i have not used this myself , so cant give you any advice on it Sorry … if you have any more questions use the @ symble no space and type Hammer … itll show in my inbox and ill find it faster …Take care Hammer Ps did you find the info on on joining the lab ???

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Yeah-- found it, but don’t have the bucks right now.

no prob .that’s something ican understand …just a couple of thoughts tho, Don’t Quote .lol but ithink they do payment plan or something like that ,and if you can get on Roberts mail list he does a lot of specials on seeds and i think ive seen a add a time or 2 offering lab specials … but don’t hold my feet to the fire on it lol lol …also he sends really good helpful hints and tips on growing to your email …i hope this helps you in some way …Hammer

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I Need helppp aswelll, i noticed buds starting to mold so i used generalhydroponics mold preventative spray and im not sure if the bud is safe to smoke now. I sprayed it 2-3 days before harvesting.