Mold? Please advise?

Crap - I was trimming my harvested colas and I found at the base of two buds a little white wispy string - kind of like cotton, cut it all away along with a lot of the “clean” bud, then carefully pulled apart the thicker nugs of the cola looking for more - think it was just a bit at the base – here is the pic- can’t see any other spots on any other buds, I took all this off, okay to save the rest?

@Majiktoker @latewood help!


Super sad, this was my plant that I let go a week longer, mold? was white like cotton and in a string shape, not webbing the bud but in the space under it where a little stem from a cut Leaf had been decaying

Should I throw that whole cola away?have it away from the rest of my drying weed that didn’t have it

Thanks for any help here.

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Can you get a better pic? It kinda looks like a patch of mold growing on the bud in the bottom of pic…

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So if it’s limited to this one area, and I cut it off including all around it (good areas), is the rest of the harvest ok? Looks to me like I got this before it spread?

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Try too keep the buds well aerated and dry. Cut around the mold and try to salvage as much as possible. If you have big colas that are dense you could break them down to reduce the risk of spread. Anything moldy just toss it in my opinion. You caught it just in time. Mold spreads fast.


Go right over the plant. As it dies spread fast , unfortunately I lost most of my harvest,due to mould this year , over 3 lb, but I was in hospital and could not tend to harvest. Suggest make make sure you go over the whole plant

Thanks @dankthumb420 I double checked all the buds I trimmed when I cut her down Friday and every thing looks very clean. I cut apart a that cola like you suggested and it was also nice and green. I ended up throwing out half of it, probably will amount to 1/4-1/2oz in the end but better than everything.

@Coltfire so sorry to hear about your hospitalization, and then losing your crop o top of it. I hope you are having better days now, my friend :peace_symbol:


A lot better now thanks @Sl1,and about to harvest a monster plant today, just happy still had one left to get me through to next season