Mold or insects?

I killed 2 caterpillars recently. One had itself imbedded in one of the top buds from the center cola, bummer!
I since sprayed Monterey BT. But, from other pics I’ve seen on the web, this looks like it could be mold. Btw, this is Durban Poison, outdoor grow, southern calif. Pretty dry around here. No signs of moisture on the colas. These brown buds are just a few scattered around the top colas. Not significant yet, but I’m worried that it’ll spread more before harvest. Stiil, a couple weeks to go. Any ideas?

Looks like Bud Rot. :pensive:

Yup. Bud Rot via caterpillar. They burrow in and it rots from the stem outwards. Sorry…


Any methods to stop the spread? Or, am I screwed & need to harvest before their time.

That type shouldnt spread as fast (started because of insect damage inside a bud). The problem is when you noticed. At first sight of dying buds, u can comfortably stop the spread snipping the affected area off. That said. Boytris is boytris and that :poop: SPREADS.

The level of bud rot showing means spores have definitely been spreading. U might be ok, nearby buds could also be rotting from the inside out as we speak. Its kinda hard to tell until its too late. Stupid mold… boytris (bud rot) is a serious bane.

Check the closest bud. Something below it or horizontal to it (behind the fan or however ur airflow works, something air would naturally blow to) and sacrifice a nugget. Bust it open to the middle. Hell shred it. If u see ANY mold, chop it all. If not, rock and roll.

Thanks for the feedback. I may just have to harvest early. But I’ll be looking closely for the next couple days.
Thanks again you all. I appreciate this forum.


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Trichs starting to show signs of amber. Newly discovered bud rot spreading. To cut or not to cut…awe, this sucks. My last & most promising lady. It’s a race against rot.

Watch this till the end
Only just saw it before
But kind of what I did

Omg wrong video lol

Just check out his page it’s insane filled with all kinds of cannabis videos

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How did it turn out?