Mold on cured buds? Or just my paranoia?

So I keep reading horror stories about people finding mold in their bud, so naturally now I’m sitting here with my microscope over analyzing every single bud I have.

When I put the stem under the scope, you can see hairs. Are these normal or is this mold?

My buds are stored in jars with a 62% Boveda pack, but they have also had exposure to a lemon peel when I had overdried some of my buds.

Sorry for the barrage of pictures, let’s just call this a thorough dose of paranoia setting in :confused:
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All I see are trichomes. Lots and lots of glorious trichomes.
Mold/rot looks more like spider webs.


that is just different forms of trichomes.!!
bud rot usually manifests inside the colas causing funky ‘deficient’ looking brown spots.

unfortunately the bulbous trich’s r immature, lots of clear ones and no amber,
if u wait for them to get mostly cloudy with a few to several amber heads this strain will be extra nice.!!

with a mix of clear and cloudy trich’s like in the pics the buzz will be slight and short lived compared to some matured buds of the same strain.!


What strain is it mate?

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Ya as well I see only clear trichs, very little cloudy even. Next grow wait another couple weeks perhaps. I believe like @SlowOldGuy says it will be a more energetic short buzz. I personally aim for the energetic buzz but with some Amber!!


And make sure you stay on top of burping your jars. How long has it been since harvest, sorry if I’m making you repeat yourself I buzzed thru the read rather quickly.

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Looks pretty good to me! To be sure, you could send me a sample, I could test it for you :+1:


Your good @Blazin_Skywalker


I cannot see anything about mold probs with that strain, some strains are more susceptible to mold than others, i have a Critical strain in 5th week of flower and the strain can be open to mold if the temps, humidity are not controlled to point. Make sure lots of air flow and control humidity when drying :+1: and keep it dark.

Do you smell any ammonia? I lost my entire harvest of Gold Leaf because I jarred too soon. I even burped every day for more than an hour. Just took over. I’m going to the paper bag method for curing as I had a full bag of trim and not a whiff of ammonia or mold. Never shaken or stirred.

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That’s because it was not completely dry is why that happened the outside was dry but the middle still had a lot of moisture @WickedAle

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Been hhere done that unfortunately

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Yes. The jarring also prevented airflow. Paper bags just seems so much more logical to slowly dry buds.

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It takes over two and a half weeks for me to dry before I even get to start jarring It takes a while for me to dry but the long dry and that’s not bone dry you can taste the difference between that and a fast dry and a month cure mmm mmm good


Made dry ice hash from the trim from the gold leaf from the paper bag. You are oh so right.

Oh and as a side note. I tried to qwet extract the moldy buds. It was an epic FAIL. The mold must have consumed all of the extractable THC from the buds. Didn’t want to take the advice others have given to just throw it out. Live and learn.

It was harvested December 10th. It’s not the best representation of the whole plant; I was mainly focused on the underside of a couple of buds that I had convinced myself (with no real logical reason, but tons of illogical fear) had mold. :woman_facepalming:


I’m a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers, my goal was to find me a strain that calmed my anxiety but gave me the boost to get through the day. This strain slays it all. A nice energetic, creative, cerebral high with a mild body high… The only weird thing is…it somehow makes me clean. Like a happily thorough cleaning. It’s bizarre. So when I have a mess of a kitchen to fix, I smoke a bowl, and the Amnesia Haze fairies poof m kitchen back to order. It’s some real voodoo mama juju.

@WickedAle - no smell of ammonia! I’ve heard a lot about people using brown paper bags, maybe I should try something different next time!

I do have her terpene profile to share :v: