Mold on Coco, during germination, help


I just plantwsd a few seeds 2 days ago and I got them in 5 gal pots of Coco, and 1 of the plants has white fuzzy mold growing on top where I wattered in the seed… Now I’ve read it’s beneficial and I’ve read it’s whorible… Can any 1 chime in? Here is some more details below and l add a pic asap,

5 gal pots
Coco with Dr earth veg and all purpose mixed in, with a little bit foot mycro added in ,
Planted 9-14-20, auto dark devil
3x3 grow tent,
100 watt blurple light for germination, anything else you all might need to know , just ask.

I’ve never attempted to grow in Coco, this is my first attemp.

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Pictures would help, could just be the fuzz on the roots.

That would be some fast setting mold but nothing surprises me. For mold to set up on top of the dirt above where you planted the seed is kinda hard to believe in just 2 days. Mold needs something to feed off or decompose so you’ve peeked my curiosity. Some pics would be great but I can’t imagine how it would be beneficial.



Sorry I hadn’t responded back, I had to switch phones, but in short the plants are going on 3 weeks now and it didn’t seem to phase the plants and actually came up healthy and strong… If I can find the pics I’ll post them up, just so maybe some 1 will know wth happended