Mold/mildew after being away - complete loss?

Hi all,

I went away for 5 days and left my Gorilla Glue Auto in a pop up greenhouse for shelter as we were expecting and did get hit with some serious storms. Unfortunately it was just too humid in the greenhouse and it looks like the plant now has mold/mildew on most of the kolas. There are a few smaller kolas that look ok but I’m a bit nervous about consuming any mold. Does this look like a complete loss to you? I read that you can do H2O2 bath at harvest but not sure if that is really going to fix this situation. I was planning to harvest today or tomorrow but now just not sure it it’s worth the effort.

Heartbreaking. I would probably dispose of all of it and start over.
Mold is nothing to mess with. Plus the plant was pretty far from being ready.
Sorry that happened. Its been a rainy/humid year here in Missouri too.


Once mold takes over on flower it really ruins the product.

A dilute hydrogen peroxide spray will kill mold pretty quickly, but if it’s already on your flower…


Sorry for your loss man! This shit sucks when it happens. Old school guys I know would just cut that shit out and enjoy the rest. These dudes actually seemed to prefer that stuff though so :man_shrugging:. Personally, I’d cut my losses and start over. Lesson learned for the next one. I’m sure you already know but, make sure you wipe everything down in there with a hydrogen peroxide mix before you start another grow tho. I’d hate to see you go through this again.


Thanks for the responses. Definitely sucks. My health is more important than taking a risk and consuming mold.

I wasn’t thrilled with the way the buds were forming anyway. It was all foxtails and not very dense, especially for being in flower 10+ weeks. Lots learned during my first outdoor grow. I’ll be trying again soon.


Looks like it would have been a decent amount for an auto that only veg for 3 weeks but buds are airy. Think I started it too soon and the temperature swings at night messed it up. Live and learn.


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I’m sorry for your loss :pensive:

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