Mold issues on buds, tips please

I keep getting mold on some of my plants buds. Never on the leaves, just the buds near end of flower. My humidity is pretty low here usually around 30% or lower and never above 40 very briefly. These were small plants too. One even just a tiny clone I flowered for sex. So please give tips. Idk if there is any mold spray for buds, I doubt it and I have a big ceiling fan running mostly 24/7. Only thing a can think of is maybe a small oscillating fan right on plants? Please help and tips at all very appreciated! I the semi dessert climate, mold, mildew is never an issue outside!

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It’s the white kind of mold if that matters. It makes it impossible to detect early as trichomes are white too. Only becomes obvious when an area becomes almost completely white

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Need to post some pics in white light (no purple)


If your speaking of WPM then yes there are sprays , I have used a mix of water, dish soap , and baking soda and sprayed it thoroughly on all leafs and plant stems, just all over and repeat as necessary, hope this helps.


Dilute H2O2 is the most effective and least harmful. If you are in flower it will ruin your crop to spray soap or Neem oil on your plant.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.


Mold is unlikely with the humidity that low. Pics?

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So I should spray h2o2 dilute all over my buds during flowering? Won’t adding more moisture cause issues? How often I spray and how much 3% h2o2 in a quart or gallon or whatever?

So I are saying to just spray stems and leaves and not worry about the buds where the mold is?

Pics didn’t load, you have to wait til they finish uploading before trying to upload another pic or post the reply.

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Yeah but WPM would be on the leaves, and he says it’s never on the leaves.

Still need pics, can’t see anything.


Would definitely need pics for better support but I have done it on the buds on my outdoor girls without any adverse effects . Also I look at it this way, would you rather maybe take a small hit on quality or loose the entire crop? So that’s why I just did what I had to and it still ended up getting to harvest day amd wasent bad at all either

You think so? I mean I’ve had success with spraying that combo I mentioned on my buds before , also I just picked up a bottle of captain Jack’s neem oil and it does say on the bottle you can use it up to harvest day , which I know you should take what the directions say for that kinda stuff with a grain of salt but in my experience the soap and baking soda method saved my crop a couple years back

Captain Jack’s does not use Neem oil. It contains Spinosad; a bacteria lethal to insects.

1 cup of 3% in a gallon of distilled water. You will probably have to spray daily to do any good. Increased airflow would be good too.


But I have some right here, and it is neem oil indeed by captain Jack’s, I do have the other stuff that has that spinosad in it which is this …


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@Myfriendis410 so maybe they didn’t have or use it last time you checked but they use/ make neem oil now

The second product is the one you want. Neem oil is only used in veg. It’s chrysanthemum oil which is aromatic and toxic. Spinosad is (not very) harmful to humans and rinses away.

That said; not the product you want to combat mildew.

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Well they sell the product for WPM , it says so in the bottle , I havent used it for that , I used it to get rid of fungus gnats , and used the other product to get rid of borer caterpillars. But either way like I said before it also says you can use it up to day of harvest but personally I wouldn’t. Also upon looking at the ingredients on the bottle of neem oil it is only neem oil , dosent state anything about that compound or whatever it is you just mentioned @Myfriendis410

I have a couple of air purifiers I place in my tents that have HEPA filters and ionic and ultraviolet treatments. If your using any CO2 generating fungi in your tent this is vital to control any spores looking for a warm moist place to take root.

Also treating your root system with a beneficial bacteria will make for healthier plants and bigger buds. After your grow is complete analyze your roots and see the correlation of roots to buds.
SubCulture | Leafly


Where are the picts???

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