Mold? Help please.. do i discard?

This is 1 of 3 of my girls… unfortunately it was my favorite plant… i believe she is overwhelmed with white powder mold. Due to high humidity, for about a 2 week period during flower. I was having a hard time keeping it down, but then i moved my tent out of the garage and into a spare bedroom… the humidity is now much easier to keep down… the weird part is my other 2 plants hardly have and damage… i was able to cut out some of the infected areas on the 2 plants that i kept in the tent… now i am second guessing myself… is this mold? Or am i chopping my girls up for no reason…? Please help guide me in the right direction… bud washing? Discard? Harvest…? Wet trim the harvest? I think im just going to discard to be safe, but any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Hard to tell from the picss. Can you get a closer
Photo? Usually mold will appear like gray fuzz within the bud.


Does it wipe off? Are you using an ultrasonic humidifier with tap water? Are you seeing the mold in the buds as well?


Thats budrot

This is the best close up i can get.
Im using distilled water in the humidifier.

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Cant see from those pics, can you get closer pics of the tops of the leaves

It doesnt seem to wipe off, smear is more like it… and i have a small 1 gallon humidifier, not sure about “ultra sonic” but ive been using distilled water. In the beginning of the grow i was using spring water. Simply because of lack of knowledge… which i am quickly learning, I have much to learn about this entire process…

If i cut the infected portions out of my other plants are the remaining(seemingly uninfected) buds safe to harvest?

Are you sure youre not trying to wipe trichomes off the leaves?


Also, how do i attempt to prevent this in future grows? My first grow went pretty well, so i gained so.e confidence, but then i failed to dry/cure properly and ruined 75% of my yeild… and now this…

I am not sure…

It looks like they are super frosted up with trichs even on fan leaves

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They should be there, they sre a good thing

Proper humidity and good airflow.

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It just looks different then what ive seen. When i look through a magnifier it look fuzzy… and beneath that fuzzy layer i can seen some amber triches, and even some dark brown triches. (On sugar leaves) its difficult to tell if the buds themselves have this “white fuzziness”

That’s almost definitely white powdery mildew. If you want to be sure, and not throw it away right now just harvest it, dry it, and put it in a jar to cure. And within a week or less you will notice the mildew smell… Sorry bro

I might not be able to see from the pictures what you are seeing in person. To me it looks like you have trichs on top of trichs and sll stuck together in places cause there are so many. If you do have white powdery mildew you will want to do a good bud wash when you harvest which should get rid of it. If you dont get it all you should be able to smell mildew when you are curing so you know what is going on