Mold growing on germinated seed

So, I germinated 5 White Widow Seeds in water. All 5 germinated and was sowed in Miracle-Gro seed starter under 2- 6500k cfl lights with a warming mat underneath. They were all placed in humidomes. 3 of the 5 sprouted and are doing ok, the other 2, when I checked the seeds, had stopped growing and molded. What happened?! I do the same thing with all 5, I never drenched the soil, but I did keep it moist. Also one of the plants leaf looks funky ( pic 1)! The other are fine I think. ( pic 2 ) any help will sufficeimage|375x500

You need to get a fan blowing On them ever so slightly it will help strengthen the stands and dry your dirt out and help you with any mold issues

I had just watered them before I took the picture. But I did just what you said. I let the dirt dry out for a couple days then I gave them a little water. I have backed off the water and I took the domes off the ones that are growing.