Mold/fungus control on grow bags


I have seen posts regarding using Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of mold, what would be the ratio be to deal with this issue (I purchased 3% HP).


No idea but im watching for my own knowledge :nerd_face:


I have the bags elevated as you see specifically to provide airflow all around the bag.


How often are you watering? I know being outside in the elements u want to keep her hydrated. But dont feed the fungi :joy:


Because of the heat, I give them 2.5 solo cups water each. 1 gallon of water for 4 plants, usually split evenly morning and evening on watering day which is every day. 2 cups results in runoff. I am wondering if it is because of all the rain we were getting.

I water daily because sticking my finger in the dirt (about 3 inches) reveals perfect soil conditions with my watering schedule, when it rains I forego watering.


Sounds good… give it a bit. The pros be with u in a bit. Im like the elevator music when ur on hold. Here to keep ur mind at ease n u from jumpin off the roof :joy::joy::joy:




So after doing research, it is algae and not mold/fungi.
Does it make a difference in treatment method?


:man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5: Algae looks moldy to me :joy::joy::joy:


Right, that’s why I’m kinda worried.I dont want it touching my roots.


Ive heard its not… moldy persae as in a danger. Its more of competition for nutrients


I use 1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide 32oz to
1 gallon of good ph’d water …
It sounds like you might be overwatering… I know it’s hot out side , but unless you start using more perlite mixed in with your soil , you will always be walking a fine line for overwatering…
When I used to grow in soil it took me a long time to figure out watering practices with different pots and size of pots and what kind of pots… plastic or fabric… that sort of thing… :wink:



If you just want to eliminate the algae or mold on the outside of the bag, just spray straight 3% on the outside of the bag. It should be gone in a couple of minutes.


@peachfuzz, I have a 50% perlite to soil mix. Don’t know how much more perlite I could have mixed in. 2 solo cups of water already result in run off at each watering. Soil is dry 3 inches down when I water so I don’t see how I can be overwatering.


@Myfriendis410, That’s the info I was looking for, thank you


Just putting it out there… usually when you see algae build up … its do to too much moisture and always wet conditions… :grin:
It’s easy to overwater when it feels so hot outside… all’s I’m sayin…
Good luck my fellow cultivator… :wink: