Mold during flower

Is this mold? What can I do? It’s been cooler temps during day and night and rain a few days a week. I live in Maine.

This is the top a few weeks ago

The picture of the bud itself looks to be early stages of bud rot. I would remove the affected parts. a little 50/50 water peroxide lightly mist


I was going to same the same @kellydans got you growmie. Dont panic could be saved imo.


The spot is on the main stem and a branch. I don’t want to have to cut my main stem and lose all that bud. What can I do to clean it out? I’m going to try the peroxide spray tomorrow.

It’s bud rot, botrytis, grey mold. It thrives on cool temps and humidity.

It’s spread by spore. Touching it and then Something else will spread it. Be very cautious.

H2o2 won’t do squat.

Cut off anything that displays strange growth or obvious signs of rot.

Spray with potassium bicarbonate and water (1tbs /gal).

AFAIK there is no cure. Just keeping damage to a minimum.

Plan to harvest early.

I’ve battled bud rot almost every fall. Even this year. It’s very frustrating.

Give all harvested buds an h2o2 bath.

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