Mold? Cottony looking stuff in bud

Found this on one bud…looks like a mold to me.
Please let me know if you think my whole plant is contaminated…this batch dried in a paper bag in a closet with a dehumidifier. I tried my best but it’s

very humid here. This is the largest bud and the only one with this white stuff.

Check the whole plant and take off anything close to where you find mold. I hope you don’t lose your whole harvest.:crossed_fingers:

If it’s powdery mildew you can get rid of it.

You might have a bigger problem than just powdery mildew though, looks like Botrytis.


Sorry but yes…mold. It hides in deep spots, dissolves plant buds.

best to hang in moving air that is warm…till if dries out. OR…cut buds off and put in a drier…like beef jerky machines.

Thanks, helpful video too.