Mold concern in the middle of a harvest

good day people,

I’m in the process of harvesting my Girl Scout cookies and a concern I’m having is that the buds on one of them seems to be less dense and more leafy than the other.
I’m praying that Bud Rot isn’t an issue here. Attached are images before trim and after. Does anyone see any symptoms of mold in either of these pictures.
Colors seem OK but bud are a little more pliable and less dense.
Last year I had a moldy bud and it was really brown and mushy.
Please help…elliot


Pic’s didn’t load. Resend they just showed up.

As far as I can see it looks good. Just might be a little airy.


My concern as well. That airiness wouldn’t be rot related would it? Seems more leaves with the bud than her sister’s.

That airiness wouldn’t be rot related would it? No it is not. Just light and airy

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thanks deepsix