Mold bud rot Jack Herer

I have 4 Jack Herer photoperiod plants 9 weeks into flower and on of the buds looked brown and crusty, I broke it open and found white fibers. I cut it off and it was green underneath the other buds look good. Now what?

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I would cut and not risk more loss. Or you could roll the dice and keep them going. 9 wks of flower should be about done? Not sure of flower time of that strain. But i would cut the ones with rot out and do a bud wash with the rest. What was your avg humidity and airflow if you do not mind?

Oh my… i just looked it up. 9 wk flower time and its mold resistant, atleast ilgm jack is. I feel your pain brother, we all had it one time or another

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Remove the affected plant material back to fresh green and bag/discard.

I would strongly suggest doing a bud wash in peroxide at harvest. Likely you have white powdery mildew (WPM) throughout the plant: you don’t want to smoke that.


I had a similar situation last year. I aggressively removed any affected buds. I sprayed, drenched them with a hydrogen peroxide and water wash. Repeated a couple days later. They made it another 2 weeks to harvest. Did a bud was then.


Is this in fact what bud rot looks like?


Yes, and it starts tiny from inside out, so hard to catch. I’m growing Jack H as well as Super skunk and Big bud in a high humidity area, I’ve had a little Bud rot in the big bud. So far none on the Jack H. Supposed to be one of the most mold resistant strains. I’m thrilled with mine. The plants are growing like nobodies business. Hope it is super stony.

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I was taking pictures as I usually do and this caught my attention

Bend and open up the bud