Mold and ammonia smell. What to do?


Hi all. I found mold on some buds that I jarred too soon. Researching, I found that a sharp “ammonia” smell means that bad bacteria is growing and mold will be soon to follow. I’ve pulled everything that had mold and discarded it. But, I still have the ammonia scent on a lot of my crop. Some buds are hanging and some I have on drying racks. My question is, will the ammonia scent go away once the buds fully dry? Did I ruin the whole crop? I have upwards of 3 pounds. I’d hate to lose it all. Any suggestions?



I would let it air out and give it it time see if the smell changes or if any more tries to show up. Definitely get some fresh air in moldy air is not good to breathe and can lead to respritory problems


Humidipack would help stabilize the jars humidity level.