Mold After Drying?

I harvested one of my outdoor plants last weekend. I inspected the inside of each bud as I was trimming as the buds were rather large and it’s been very humid the past few weeks. I then did a bud wash in peroxide and water, 1 cup to 5 gallons. They’ve been hang drying the last 5 days at 50-60% RH. Just checked on them tonight and found mold and/or webs inside the thicker buds.

First, I believe this is mold. It scrapes right off with a tooth pick. But wanted clarity as the several buds I trimmed was around 3.5oz total. And second, was this mold from the grow all along, and survived the bud wash, or did it develop somehow during drying?

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Did you spin the buds by the stem to get most mosture off and then put a fan on them after the bud wash?

Mold has spores so tiny we can’t see them, bud rot goes right inside and when you agitate the bud those spores spread all over naked to your eye.

So it’s hard to say for sure.


Kind of shook them a few times while a fan blew on them after the wash

Didn’t get it all or spores were spread to deep after you got it and the bud wash didn’t get it. Hard to say.

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I would say your mixture of peroxide was to weak. I believe the recommended is one cup to three gallons. Mold and humidity has been such a problem here I am planning to harvest tomorrow as it is raining today. The mixture will a quart to three gallons of water I’ll kill what ever is in there.


Look it could been mold from ur grow or it could of grew in ur drying area if you didnt have good air flow in ur drying area and it got to humid yes u would of had mold growing on ur buds while drying.You can wash them again i guess thats if there not to dry already


Your gonna want a chemical respirator for this one…

Dry ice (and leather gloves/ or winter gloves)
5 gal Micron shaker bags and a clean surface to work with

Put on respirator & gloves, add a good chunk of dry ice to the shaker bag and the put in a 1/4-1/2 lb of vegetation.

Shake over the clean surface, preferably glass top, until you see a change in color from yellow to hint of green.

Collect the dust and put into container, repeat until all vegetation has been processed.

You can then use this in a heat press or decarb (well ventilated) to use in edibles.

Do no smoke it and make sure no else is in house while you cook off any spores that may have gotten thru


Thanks. This is a little too involved for me. Unfortunately I think I’m just going to toss the bad buds. Cost of doing business outside


The mold could have come about from the grow or During drying an curing process if the buds were too wet with not enough air flow or Jarred up too wet. Definitely mold , Thats a bummer good luck moving forward my friend. :v::handshake:

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Don’t necessarily have to toss. Can’t smoke but can decarb and extract for concentrate like feco


I think a lot of folks had the same problem this year. I myself lost 2-3 Oz’s to rot. As you said, cost of doing business outside :100:

I just hope everyone who had rot tossed it or did something else besides smoke it. It’s really not worth taking a chance

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Yup. I’m now super paranoid that I keep smelling my good buds wondering if they’re ok. The non-bud rot ones looked good, but like I said, I’m paranoid now. They’re curing and have an odd smell, can’t put my finger in it, but I’ve heard that buds smell weird during curing


I don’t blame you, me too. I’m curing mine in Grove bags which is supposed to eliminate burping. I’m still taking them out of the bags and checking them.