Moisture meters

Any one using one to judge moisture levals to judge the dryness before jaring harvest???

I put these in my jars.


I do the same as @MidwestGuy If I don’t have enough for the jars I just rotate them.

Not measuring Rh. Actual moisture content as opposed to moisture the plant is expelling.

Like the amount of moisture in each bud?

In the stem attached to the bud.ot has been recommended to me as a more accurate way of determining dryness to be Jared. They stated that 11% moisture in stem is when to jar it up.

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What meter does that?

A moisture meter. Seriously, I’ve used them in pest control for testing moisture levels in wood in homes.

Cant say ive ever used 1

First time I’ve heard one used for this purpose, in general they are very useful and fairly accurate in what I’ve used them for. It is (apparently) another way of testing for dryness before you jar as opposed to snapping a stem. I was hoping some one else had heard of it??

If you can find the specific gravity of an absolute dry bud you can then, without an instrument, extrapolate moisture content out of the weight you have present. You can also test THC content by weighing up an amount, dry it to dust, then smother with 90% isopropyl alcohol, then set on FIRE :fire: until it’s fully done. After you’ve done this weigh up the final product and that will give you an amount. Then divide final weight by beginning weight then multiply 100 and that will give you your percent content of THC

Sounds like work…I’d rather stick it with the probe and have it tell me. I’m lazy and damn sure no chemist…LoL.

You can also determine moisture content the same way with the alcohol. You just don’t burn it till it’s completely burnt up

Ya no
No fires here. Nope not gonna do it. The meter thing , no fire, good. Fire bad.

One of the moderators on here (can’t remember which one) told me about getting this flashlight & it tells you by the color of the plant when its dry. Seems like maybe @Covertgrower or @Myfriendis410 ?

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Oooooooook.ok fine.LOL

Do you have to smoke first to make it work? Or does that mater?

I use a black light to look for WPM and turned @Not2SureYet on to this. He took it further and found that you see a distinct color change as flower dries.


Huh…I know certain salts will go florescent under black light. So huh…

Still not quantitive though.