Moisture level meter or by hand?

I have a moisture level meter that I used for the first time today but it said it was it was right on 3.5 but when I stick my finger in the ground it feels damp if not a little wetter than that should I use the meter accuracy or mine? It’s only been planted for 3 days, so it’s still a seedling. :seedling:


For seedlings it will be tough to use that. You don’t want to water so much that the soil is wet. For the first week or two just give it a little water and use your finger. The probe is more for checking deeper when you have a root system.

That’s what I did anyway. And when I do use the meter, I wait for it to say dry, right around where your picture shows.


Im with @Matthew420
I dont trust the meters or at least the one i had with i first started highly unreliable

It would make more sense to go by my knowledge and all the things I’ve learned off here then to trust some electronic Chinese product but maybe I’ll try later in its life cycle I have a grow journal if y’all would like to watch my experience on my first grow (just go to my profile and put it to just topics and you should find it) thanks for the advice guys @Matthew420 @Brian091180


I should have mentioned pay attention to the weight of the pot when dry. You’ll be able to tell just by lifting it. That will become impossible at some point but while they’re little it’s helpful.

It’ll be handy later to get a deep moisture check. Don’t toss it :slight_smile:

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