Moisture dome over seedlings

I hope I’m not pummeling you all with too many questions. I read that putting a solo cup over my seedlings will make them grow faster. I also read that once they come through the soil to take the dome off. Thoughts? Two weeks in and I only have two leaves.


Everyone is different. Your seed will sprout and grow without any dome at all.
Some leave it on till sprout. I do
Some a few days, some till the plant touches the sides of the dome.
Honestly I never see any difference having tried them all.
I only dome before sprouting so I don’t have to wet the soil.
After it sprouts I don’t water for like a week.


I leave the domes on until the leaves touch the cup. I don’t normally add any water to the medium for the first week.


So the dome should be left on a new seedling for around 3 days. Misting the inner dome as needed. The reason for this is because the plant doesnt have roots to yet and it feeds off the cotyledons and absorbs moisture from the air until they establish. This takes around 3 days. After that take it off and water normally.


I think either way works. Personally, once it breaks ground I don’t cover it. I just put it under low lighting, and don’t water until absolutely dry. Here’s a 9 day old.


That looks solid! I wish I had that at 9 days.

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You know, after seeing so many posts about seedlings, I’m convinced that a lot of people over love them the first couple weeks. They just don’t need much attention for a couple weeks. A little bit of moisture, and a little bit of light.


Domes are a personal choice. I did it on my first grow but haven’t done it since and I didn’t see any difference :woman_shrugging: