MoFo grows Super Lemon Haze take 2

Sup ILGM family,

Here is my setup

Environment:4x4 tent
Lighting: Mars hydro TS3000W
Medium: Coco Coir with peat moss (Verdana Coconut Fiber, pest moss soil)
Nutrients: Jacks 321
Watering reservoir with automatic watering system.
Small A/C unit pushing cooled air into my tent, I have a carbon filter with 6” ducts exhausting into the attic.

So I bought a brick of Coco coir with peat moss so I can start transitioning out of soil.

I laid out some plastic in the bathtub and started wetting the coco brick so it can start expanding.

I have read others expand their bricks with full nutrients since the coco does not contain nutrients. I did not do this for this grow but will plan to do for future grows.

I did however take expanded coco and put into a colander to sift out the small particles. Then fertigated with full strength CalMag. I wanted to use Jacks to fertigate but did not have the right products to do so. So here we are.

I had seeds that were spouted by placing filtered water in a Solo cup and then covering for three days.

I then placed the sprouted seeds into small starter pots. That were fertigated in the starter pots one more time before planting seeds. I went about an inch down with the root facing down and lightly covered the seed. I them placed plastic bags to increase humidity. Lux is 7-10K with 18 hours of light.

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I grew four ilgm Super Lemon Haze my last run, and pulled well over a pound off the four plants. Growing 6 in Coco, you’re going to get a haul. Super Lemon Haze has also become one of my favorite smokes for the terpenes and flavor.


Thanks for the tag! I’m set to watch. Dropped a SLH for my grow also. I have heard good things about the smoke it puts out. @fast-grow touched on a couple! Anything with haze in the name gets my attention. Good luck I hope the SLH treats us both well.


Watching too I seem to have bad luck with hazes the amnesia haze I have right now seems to be dying


@GreenSnek I feel like I made a lot of mistakes on my first attempt. So I’ll use the same batch of seeds, lights, and tent, while changing the medium and nutes.

I will also top my plants and keep my lights low. While I was cleaning up my last grow I pulled my plants out of the soil to look at the root ball and they were about the size of a baseball while the plants were in 5 gallon fabric pots. I don’t know if that is typical as that was my first auto grow.

I know with photos they usually took up the entire pot. I am not sure if that Is due to a longer veg cycle or just plant type?

I am excited to take this ride with you all. @fast-grow @Capt.Cola @GreenSnek


Looks like you are off to a nice start.

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@MoFo , Coco in the bathtub . I’m almost certain your wife isn’t Italian , Puerto Rican, or black. This would cause a major fight. Hats off to You Sir.

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@KoolHandLuke Ha ha I was surprised she did not object. It was a lil dusty when I started so I made a commitment to clean up the area when I finished.

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Two days in the ground and all 6 seeds have spouted.

I have been keeping the coco moist with 10ml of full strength CalMag two times a day per plant and I have moved the seedlings into a small tent to get them started. I also will keep the bags on for increased humidity.

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Thanks for the tag, looking good.

As for your root ball question, no your roots should have been bigger.

Do you have silica and a microbe product to run with your coco? If not get those ordered asap.

We all make errors and hope to have a flawless grow on the new one but almost always a hiccup lol.

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@Nicky I have silica but I do not have a microbe. Is there a brand you suggest?

@Nicky @OGIncognito I wanted to tag you both as I know you have different methods for growing. Fimming vs Topping. I need to do something this go around but not sure which method would be best. I have read that with Topping you can turn your main cola into two main cola’s. Although with Fimming you can turn your main cola into 4 cola’s, but it is harder to do.

I suggest fishhead farms fishsh!t.

I always suggest FIM’ing

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I have read up a bit on Fimming to educate myself a bit more and it is definitely worth giving it a shot.

Day 5 and things have really progressed. I’m giving the little ladies 10ml twice a day with the exception of day 3 as it was looking a lil too went so I let the coco dry up. Then started feeding again on day 4. I still keep the bags on for increased humidity.

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Stuff is about to get real… Pure & Simple


Ah damn, so this happened.

I was returning my seedlings to their tent and had an accident cutting off the top of one of the plants.

Is there any chance it will continue to grow or is it time to start a new one?

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If the seedling can continue to grow it has went through a major stress early in life and I feel its time to cut my losses and get another plant.

I have now started a new seed and my shipment of Jacks arrived. I used CalMag on the first week, then for my second week I started using the Jacks clone mix as it is good for seedlings too. So my current observation is that my first week I had 2 plants shoot up but were thin flimsy and weak. One died due to an accident in the tent. Going on week 2 when I started using Jacks clone mix. I removed the bags that I used for increased humidity on the seedlings and I have a small fan creating a breeze. Over the last week I have noticed that stems have thickened and the plants are looking significantly stronger. I am also transitioning to RO water and trying to learn more about DLI but the only things I’ve found there are apps like Photone but not sure if paying for the enhancements is worth it.


I am hoping for a lil guidance on fimming.

From what I understand I want to cut the 5th set of leaves to turn the main cola into as many as 4 colas if I do it right.

This plant is 16 days since it sprouted.

The line is where I plan to cut

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