MoFo Grows Super Lemon Haze Autos

Here is a picture of an lst alternative to the clips.
Twist tie wire that comes on a spool.

VIVOSUN 164 Feet Twist Tie Roll Spool Dispenser w/Cutter Secure Garden Plant Multi-Function Cable Snack Tie

Cut to length to tie the branches down and make them spread out. To get more light to more bud sites and grow better bud.

Here is a pic of the lst clip with some extra remnant of the fabrication process. Not the best photo but it will give you an idea of what I’m describing.

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Going on week 5 defoliation. I will get rid of the fan leaves that are blocking light from getting to the buds. With further implementation of LST low stress training work the branches out before the go up so that more bud sites get more light.

When trimming fan leaves I do not cut up too close to the node as those are bud sites. Circled in red.

There is a before and after of one of the ladies after her trim.

Then all the ladies after their haircuts.

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7 weeks in the runt is growing in quite well.
I put it on an upside down larger pot to bring it closer to the light now I will now start to decrease the height of the upside down to try and get the runt to grow as tall as the other plants.

I have also continued to remove large fan leaves. You can see the buds growing in.
I decided to not top the plants. Although I have grown one auto in the past it was bag seed and it was not grown in optimal conditions.

TBH at this point I am planning to grow auto’s going forward unless I get to a place to grow outdoors.


Week 8 photos

The ladies wanted to say hello.
We will trim off more fan leaves this week.


9 weeks in and pistils are turning amber and I expect to harvest in the next week or two.

I did not top these autos and grew them tall on purpose. I now have an issue to where the buds are too heavy and making the plants in need of additional support. 1 week ago I started adding silica to the feeding schedule. Which at this point I had wish I had started 2-3 weeks earlier.

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So I am ending this grow soon and planning my next grow.

I will go to Coco Coir on my next grow.
In another thread you had mentioned my lights were underpowered for my grow.

I have 4x4 tents is there a light you would suggest?

I am currently running Mars Hydro TS3000-W in each of my tents.

I went to mars site. This is the PPFD map for the ts3000

The light’s PPFD when you get past 3’ does not provide the necessary DLI to produce decent buds.
For example 332 PPFD has a DLI of 14.3 over a 12 hr period. Over 18 hrs it is 21.5. Even for auto running 20/4 DLI is less than 24.

This chart gives DLI by life stage
DLI Screen-Shot-2018-12-28-at-11.19.14-AM

Are you wanting a total replacement for one tent?
Or continue to use the TS300 but add another light?

In another thread I asked Dbrn32 about using four of hlg’s new 200w diablo boards in a 4x4. His replay was “I like your thinking”. Four plants, 1 light each, independently adj height, 800 screaming watts. Only in my dreams.
Two of these would be hard to beat in a 4x4

the plug and play version is 350r - just more $$

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Check hlg refurbished lights they have some great sales right now u can get a 350r for the same or cheaper


@SilvaBack203 @beardless
I currently have two 4x4’s with the same MarsHydro light (TS3000W) that I am thinking I want to build out a RDWC and setup in an 4x8 tent. That is my plan for a future grow.

I am also working to stay within the ranges on the VPD chart

Half way down the page.

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Nice hope it goes well

I see why you guys like the HLG I watched a video comparing the HLG 550 RED to Mars Hydro TS3000W. Link for reference.

HLG costs more to purchase, costs more to run, although it runs at cooler temps, and produces higher levels of light (lux).

I wish I would have researched more before investing in Mars. TBH I can not turn up my lights much more than 60% due to heat. I try to manage my environment to be less than 80 degrees and close to 50% RH.

Heat has been a challenge for me so being able to increase our and decrease temp is appealing.

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Here is some pics of close up trichomes

Still pretty transparent, I am waiting for cloudy to milky. I am excited that these plants are so close to harvest. Maybe 7-10 days out.

I will do a partial harvest chopping off the top colas then lowering the lights like @beardless suggested.


I have chopped down my tallest plant but I may be a lil late but I hope it will not be too bad. There may be some burnt up trichomes.

Regular humidity around here is 42% here so I am using my clone / starter tent to start harvesting.

Only one plant has fully mature bud, I will need to wait a lil longer while harvesting the other plants as they mature.

This has presented new issues as while I was waiting for one plant to harvest so I could chop the top off and lower my light. The shorter plants grew to nearly the same height so I could only drop the light a few inches.

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Well we are here to learn from each other.
This is quite embarrassing to be honest. So I let my autos grow tall and this caused the buds on top to get more light and mature faster. I did not top my autos

4/6 plants grew at relatively the same pace with 1 of the slightly ahead of the others so I have now chopped off the main cola.

So as a result I am raising the the more mature plants to bring them closer to the height of the remaining plants. I suspect that I will end up cutting off the top colas and keep raising the plants to harvest the plants top first and then the bottom. I am planning my second grow and doing research to solve this issue I have created.
Take a look under grow journals to follow along.

11 more days and time for an update…

Short version of a long story.
I am harvesting bit by bit. Cutting off ripe branches and hanging to dry.

Reason why? I did not top my plants.

Result is that I am losing almost a full grow cycle with my tent being occupied.

What will I do for my next grow?
I will top my autos
I will do next grow in Coco Coir
I will switch to Jacks 321

What did I learn?
I learned that 40% humidity will not slow dry your harvest. It will fast dry (Ruin) your harvest.
Since I have now had multiple micro harvests I have added my good humidifier to a small tent with ventilation and hold humidity at 60%
I have my first micro harvest on a grove bag and it’s holding its RH

I will start seeds for next grow this weekend.


Ive been watching how your grow has progressed. Great job. :+1: I am about to harvest my SLH autos soon. I didn’t top mine either but my pheno stayed short. Might give that a try with my new seedlings. Again kudos!

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I have since cut down 5 of 6 plants and the 6th plant had a slow start and the branches grew thinner as it was stretching to catch up with the plants that matured more. I was hoping it would have filled in but never really has. I am getting bud growth to the point that I need to support branches so they do not tip over.

Next grow I am switching nutrient lines to Jacks and I’m planning to feed from a reservoir.