MoFo Grows Super Lemon Haze Autos


4’x4’x84” tent

Air forced in/out with carbon canisters

Light: Mars Hydro TS 3000W

Medium: Coco Loco + Perlite

3 Gallon fabric cloth


Fox Farms Trio


Cha Ching


Sledgehammer flush


The award-winning Super Lemon Haze just got a lot easier to grow. Our Super Lemon Haze autoflowering cannabis seeds are everything people love about this sativa dominant hybrid without all the effort. THC levels average at 15% but can reach 22% for experienced growers while still delivering a respectable yield.

Plant type 20% Indica 80% Sativa
THC Up to 22%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors Mediterranean Mold Resistant
Plant size Tall
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 4 to 6 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Citrus Herbal Sweet

This will be my fifth grow from seed


Put double filtered water in a solo cup and when cooled to room temp deposit 6 seeds of ILGM Lemon Haze Auto seeds


Fire it up!


Three days later all 6 of 6 ILGM seeds sprouted and into the soil they went about 3/4” down tap root down and lightly covered with soil and a lil water.


Magic beans!

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I can hardly wait for the magic to happen.

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Good deal. I just got the SLH femmes photos. Going to scrog 2 of them in 10 gallon bags in a 4x8x6.5. Use half the tent for that and the run 2 more just topping and LST. 1st try with the SLH.

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I’m planning to try LST with tomato stakes to guide the growth. I have Scrog’ed my photo grows. While I’m waiting for my seeds to sprout I’m contemplating going with 3G or 5G fabric pots. I had some bag seed that ended up being an auto that was in a 5G pot but the roots did not fill out the pot.

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Hello Ladies,

One is obviously a little delayed, but will hopefully catch up over the next week or so.

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18 days since the seeds hit the soil.
They are looking great and transplanted from the solo cups to 1 gallon pots.

The runt is showing some positive size of growth. Will transplant when she grows up a lil more.


Moved to 4x4 tent
Increased lighting to 30K Lux
Increased water by 25%

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After 5 days in the 4x4 tent the ladies are starting to stretch out. I see a little nute burn but I’m not too worried about it. Turned up lights from 35K lux to 40K lux.


I’m close to 3 weeks in with my SLH autos as well. It’s my second go round. I have an adjustable spider farmer light… not the cheaper one either with a 4x4 gorilla grow tent… I’ve just used that light the entire time and fox farms ocean soil mix straight in to 5 gallon buckets. I’m waiting on a little more height then I’m going to attempt to scrog mine as well. See if it works well or not.

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Hey @Just_a_h34d I am glad to hear we are at the same place roughly. I had contemplated scrogging or LST. I found these clips on Amazon to help with LST. I will give these a shot and I also bought some plastic stakes but would prefer not to have too many things in the soil. I had tried using wire to tie down branches and my low stress training was not low enough and I ripped a branch off. So I thought I would give these a try. If you have a grow journal please tag me I would be interested in following along.


I used those clips on a Blueberry auto and they work great! I pinched and twisted each stem before bending them into the clips. See if you can find the small one too. Works great on smaller stems. It really allows you to open up the interior to light and really fills out your stems!

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I’ll get a legit one going. My first cycle “journal” was lazily done. When I get some time, I’ll add the second one here. Also, got tired of being told I watered too much or not enough on pictures. Neither was the case, I always just took pictures before I watered or right after. Ive had gardens and help tended to gardens. I’m a country boy, I know a little about growing food and plants lol.

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I’m glad to hear of your success. The pinching and twisting sounds like super cropping. Which I know works on photos did you pinch and twist with autos?

The first go round I let them go with no LST or HST. Autos aren’t made for any HST from my understanding. And depending on the length of grow time with the autos, it is possible to do some scrog with them. I started all at the same time and 2 of the 4 went another week and half before they got pulled. The other two got pulled out September 1. I figure I got about 2.5 months approximately so I think I may be able to scrog a bit. But I’m planning on getting the fruit seed pack (sunset sherbet, gelato, and one other) that are photos so I can get the scrog technique down pat. For now, until I get those, I’ll continue with these autos.

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Yes! And then put them into the 90 degree clips. Still packing on weight and about 2 weeks to go.

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28 days in I started adding lst clips I purchased on Amazon. Link in a previous post.

Pics below with LST clips

I also added a humidifier to my tent and I have seen significant growth. Even my lil runt seemed to double over 3 days.

With no humidifier my RH is 38%-40% I had some cheap humidifiers that helped but I wanted more consistent humidity in the tent. As well as I want to know what I can expect as far as how long I can regulate my humidity with 1 tank full. In prep for when I go on vacation.

I picked up a levoit classic 300S. I set it up to keep humidity at 45% on auto. I have also started spraying walls of tent and tops of plants 2x a day.

I am working towards staying in the recommended VPD areas for the current stage of life in my plants.

@nopuffgabe I’m tagging you based upon your ask around humidity.

4 weeks in and it’s time to transplant. These ladies really grew over the last week as I have been increasing humidity by adding a humidifier and I have been spraying the inside of the tent and tops of plants raising my humidity from 40% to 50%. I do this with a pressurized sprayer and a quick spray of water twice a day.

Update on the lst clips from Amazon. I did not individually inspect every piece and have found that there was more than one piece that was for a lack of better terms machined well. So an area that you would route the branches through had jagged edges like a knife and damaged two of the ladies. So I would recommend examining every piece closely if you plan to use. Or even better lst in a different way. I am using twist tie wire to tie down a branch the other side is attached to the cloth pot.