Modular Ebb and Flow Help

I’m trying to find a detailed grow guide specifically for ebb and flow bucket system with timing, nutrients etc… I have a 6 site modular ebb and flow and will be doing a indoor grow in a 4ft x 8ft x 80in I’m only trying to produce insanely high potency medical plants and will be using feminized seeds from Pacific seed bank white light mars hydro ts 3000 the correct reverse osmosis water and organic nutrients also I would like more info on co2 controlled environment if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

Hi! Welcome to the community. I’m sure some with experience in this will be along before too long. In the meantime I’d suggest using the search feature, as almost any question you can think of has been answered twice here. Don’t take that to mean don’t ask them. Just as a faster and sometime better way of getting information and further understanding

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