Modded hydro bucket


@peachfuzz copy pump and air lines routed higher to go thru top of grow lid. Question also. Nutes once a week and keep topped off with ph’d water?


You can add 1/2 strength my normal ,full or just water. PPM will tell you


I only add nutrients every 3 weeks and top off with good ph water through out… and clean everything every 6 weeks… so basically just set plants in another bucket with some good water in it while I clean everything and throw them back into system once everything is cleaned… :wink:
What I mean by every 3 weeks is… I shop vac out everything after 3 weeks and put new nutrients and water every 3 weeks… and just add good ph’d water in between until the 3 week mark…


I use general hydroponic fertilizers…
All measurements are to a gallon of water…
6 mill grow
4 mill micro
2 mill bloom
3 mill cal-mag
2 mill diamond nectar
2 mill hydrogard
1 mill armor si
1 mill orca
1 mill hormex
For vegging
When plants are young and starting out I usually mix 3 gallons worth of nutrients at those ratios but I fill the system with 5 gallons of water so its basically diluting the nutrients , but I’m still giving them everything they want… hope that makes sense…


I have the grow, micro and bloom. Is all the others needed. I originally was going to grow in an aerogarden, and I found a step by step grow guide that was in pretty deep detail. The 3 I listed I have was required and it had like 2 or 3 others listed like the cal-mag that said was optional. Also how are you germinating your seeds @peachfuzz


Got my light!


You definitely want the cal-mag and the armor si and the hydro guard…
I usually clone a plant for 3 to 6 years…
But I just started all new stock and I through the seeds in a paper towel that was moist… not dripping wet…
And put the paper towel in a plastic ziploc bag and put the bag inside of a plastic folgers coffee container that I painted black and kept the room that it was in about 80 degrees and within 2 days I transferred them into little rockwhool cubes…
Once I get roots growing out of the cube I put it into a mini solo cup with hydrotone and into my system… :wink:



I may just use my aerogarden to get the started then transplant them. You get those nutes off Amazon? @peachfuzz


Yes … I buy them by the gallon or bigger if I can find it… :wink:
But I never have anything shipped to the grow location… even tho I’m completely legal… it’s just a good practice…


@peachfuzz what’s hydrotone? How many plants you growing in your 3 gallon bucket


If it’s a mother one but u can see he has 3 holes at the top of his cloner personality I would go with 1 plant a bucket after they have roots but @peachfuzz is the man to talk ti


Hydro stone is I think lava rock they look like little balls like this


It’s expanded clay pellets @Lostscuba


I have 12 plants growing in these 2 systems…
Not practical , but it’s just for vegg… I think you cold actually flower 2 plants per system… :wink:

This isn’t really the picture I wanted to put up … this was after moving 3 plants to flower… so really only 9 plants…


How old are they did tho grow fast lol that what I was calling them clay pebbles but someone told me they were lava . Thanks again


Will this air pump be ok for my set up for 1 plant? @peachfuzz


@peachfuzz I hate to keep bother you but I still have questions and from what I’ve seen on this forum your highly respected as a hydro expert. My plan was to have 1/2 inch pvc off the pump to the grow bucket and 1 1/2 inch pvc going from bucket to bucket. Because of the 1 1/2 in tubes my system will be holding more water than yours? Also if I place the whole system in my tent which is 20x36 and the plant isn’t centered will that decrease my light intensity? My light is a 135 watt QB which I plan on buying another in like a month


Yes that pump will work fine for one plant… just put both air stones in your plant bucket…
Can you put your control bucket out side of your tent? That would be ideal… your water would stay alot cooler and you wouldn’t have to mess with your plants at all when servicing your system and then you could put your plant in the center an scrogg that girl… :grin:



I can put it on the outside but the I probably can’t have an intake fan @peachfuzz


You should be able to make a little slice in the side of the tent and run your pipes through and then duct tape the $hit out of it…
You should also hang the air pump outside the tent as well… if possible…
If you can… take a pic of the inside of your tent and a pic of the outside so that I can see what your working with… then we will build you something specific for your needs… you already got the light covered , so the rest shouldn’t be to hard to make work… :wink: