Modded hydro bucket


I’m pretty sure the bigger 3/4” line at bottom of buckets and the force of the pump from the reservoir bucket is what makes it work.


Yea I get it I think. The pump makes the water flow. What’s the gravity part of it


Ones gotta be higher then the other for gravity I think or circulation pumps I’m not sure I just started my self I’m going from dirt to water ask peaches he’s the one that’s been teaching me plus some others @Covertgrower @garrigan65 @peachfuzz @Liljoe


Right circulation. I have a drawing above. The pump sucks and pushes but there’s an disconnect. I’m guessing that ok but I’m not sure @Lostscuba


Disconnection for what


In my plans I have pipes. Theydont fully connect. But I’m guessing with a water pump there’s constant flow @Lostscuba my pipes are the lines with the arrows. In the plan they aren’t connected


Yea you put it on a timer then I just gotta make sure it flows good and block the last hole or whatever so it goes back to the Rez I’m just guessing


You’re doing great @DrNoobThumb no worries. Happy growing. :seedling:


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Sumthing about gravity fed and how can he do it I just guessed lol tried


Did u see my nugs go check it this is what he asked. I don’t get what makes it gravity fed then. Can someone explain


@peachfuzz @Lostscuba My latest drawing.


I’m not sure I’m good at explaining but basically water remains at the same level in buckets that are connected. Don’t know what physics theory it called. But any containers connected with a pipe will maintain the same water level. If this line was/ is a flexible line you could pick up one bucket and the water will flow thru the line into second bucket that’s still on the floor that’s due to gravity and water pressure. In Peach’s buckets one has a pump. If the water is pumped from one bucket to the other bucket. It causes the water level in that 2nd bucket to start to rise and as the 2nd bucket gets fuller the pressure and gravity cause water to flow through the pipe that connects to the tote. Then the tote water is circulated back into first bucket basically because the water is trying to level itself out. I hope I didn’t make any confusion worse. I’m not the best at explaining


Sorry, I was writing while you posted that but yep, that’s it.
Make sure that site line goes above your max water level line :+1: sorry if you already knew that, just trying to help :v:


@GreenJewels your talking about my sight gauge right? I did not know it had to be above my water level in buckets but it makes sense. That’s so the water won’t spill out correct? That gauge will balance just like the other 2 buckets I’m assuming? Am also guessing that I will be maintaining about 3-4 gallons of water because of the equipment in the buckets to include the frozen 2 liter?


That’s right, it will spill out the top if it’s not above water level. My guess on amount of water would not be very accurate but if guess about 3. I’m still learning but at the top of the grow bucket you’ll have net pot taking up however many inches and then your water level is below roots so really depends on that.


@GreenJewels @Lostscuba @peachfuzz how far below the net pot do I want my water level? Also will 1 frozen 2 liter be enough or should I use 2. My plan is to have one always in the freezer to swap out daily.


Your exactly right my friend…
With a 6 inch net basket and two 2 liter bottles , the system will hold 5 gallons of water… you want a 2 inch air gap between the bottom of the net basket and the water line and make sure that when pump kicks on that the water level in the plant bucket still maintains a 1 inch air gap at all times… you never want the net basket to be in the water…
Also when marking the side of the bucket for water levels , you want the pump and air stones and 2 liter bottles in the buckets… then just add a gallon of water and make a mark and repeat until you have your final 5 gallon mark… :wink:
You can either mark the sight hose or the buckets… up to you…
I was just looking at your last drawing again… you want the pump line at the top side of the 5 gallon bucket so that it can dump into the top of the 3 gallon plant bucket lid and you want the air lines going through the lid as well… you dont want any lines running through the side of the plant bucket… that way you can use the same system for cloning , you just change out the plant bucket lid for a different one… I’ll get you a couple pictures of what I’m talking about…



Here’s a pic so you can see how the water pump line comes out of the side of the 5 gallon bucket and dumps into the top of the 3 gallon… also notice how air lines are ran into top of plant lid also…

I noticed on the picture that I showed you before that , that was an old picture… since I started using the system for cloning I sciloconed up the air line holes and now run them through the top of the plant bucket lid…
Dangit… I just realized that this is an old pic too… so everything is the same , except I run the air lines through the top of the lid… I’ll get you some newer pictures…


This is the perfect example of a stoner post. :smiley: