Moby Dick: more a guppy than a whale

Strain; Moby Dick feminized

Soil in pots, 50%Coco 50%perlite

System type? N/A

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir 5.6-5.9

What is strength of nutrient mix? 25% strength Canna Terra Vega 3-1-4


Light system, size? 1x 85W blue CFL

Temps; Day 22°C Night N/A

Humidity; Day- 70° Night

Ventilation system; Yes, One fan blowing blowing in front the outside of the cabinet, vented through holes

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, none

Co2; No

Plant sprouted on April 1…no joke…and is now 15 days since but showing little signs of growth. After 13 days I started giving her the nute solution at 25% strength, every other day. Any suggestions? Stronger nute solution , every day feeding (just until there is enough run off to measure)? Thanks for any help @Countryboyjvd1971 @yoshi @Donaldj @MacGyverStoner @Niala @Oldstoner @Hawkeye_diesel @latewood

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First off hello.
First get them out of those clear cups and into something opaque. Then stop watering so much. Get that cfl like 3-4 inches above.


Your roots is not breathing properly, seaweed kelp, and stop the nutrients until plant show signs of growth, transplanting might be very helpful.

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Ok…just out of curiosity, why opaque pots and not clear? That’s about the height of the lamp now, shouldn’t coco be kept pretty wet all of the time? Still trying to figure this s*t out.

But wouldn’t transplanting into a bigger pot , I assume, such a small plant…she’s only like 2" or so…be sort of a waste of space? I can do it, no prob, why do you suggest that? Your opinion is highly valued.

Roots need darkness. Plant needs to get thirsty.

Light is bad for the roots and yes it should be moist not wet. You want to sort of in a way make the roots search for the water. Premotes root growth. More roots more fruits.

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Repotted and she seems to be perking up already.fingers crossed

Don’t feed till round leaves die and fall off
And only water when soil dry out I water oncevits moist you don’t want it to be too wet because the roots can’t breathe @Zero420 has given great advice about the clear cups
I have seen people do it in clear cups but they put a red one over the top cup in cup
I’ve never do it my self
And one last thing the first two weeks or so all the action is going on under the soil not above it about the end of second week maybe a little longer you’ll usually see upward growth
Glad she perked up @DieHigh55

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Thanks. I read different things about coco coir, some…most…say water everday just until run off, as it is considered a hydro medium and has to always be kept moist. But yeah, she seems to be picking up after transplanting. After seeing how all these scrogs are doing from everybody, it’s like I’m itching to do mine. Patience!

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Lol yeah I know the feeling just slow it down a bit brother :+1::v:️️:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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