MK Ultra outdoor grow?

I recently bought some seeds. Never grew this before and was curious if anyone grows it outside. It says indoor, but didnt know if it would do ok outdoors

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Is it an auto or a photo? And welcome to our forum!

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photo fem seeds. and tyvm happy to be here

What part of the world are you in and is it spring where you are? You can do as I do and start em indoors under lights and move em out in the spring, works for me


Just found this in a quick search on mk ultra.

I would assume that that’s in the northern hemisphere.

Super, thank you much. I do start them indoors. Since my outdoor season is coming to an end, i am getting my new indoor set up rolling and making plans for next spring already. thanks again


I’m trying MK ultra outdoors this summer. So far all I can say is it’s easy to grow, tolerates heavy feeding well, flowers early and I suspect will be the first plants I harvest this fall. I picked up a femm’d 10 pack from ILGM back in February. There’s a surprising variation in phenos in the 4 I’m growing. One started flowering like two weeks before the rest, one has purple stems and a crazy amount of pink and purple in the flowers, two of them are basically identical in every way.

Bergman’s Gold Leaf is a proven winner for me and by way of comparison - even setting the phenotypic differences aside - the MK Ultra is at least 10 days ahead of the Gold Leaf.

I tried a buddy’s MK that he finished last
Month indoors and I sure hope mines got that kind of flavor :partying_face:


Hey I saw someone hearted my post and I thought I’d throw a post-grow commentary on this post…grow.

That MK Ultra is nice weed. The flowers had a strong aroma of grapes when growing and that stuck with it all the way to the jar. Frosty and Grapey. Really nice weed. Strong Indica sit you down in your chair kinda weed.

I’m about to try some out indoors I think. Definitely would grow more


I grew this outdoors aswell a few years ago … loved it … put u asleep type of plant :+1:t4:

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Welcome to the community , and it’s up to you and what you aiming for , definitely some good flower , I grew some inside that had to take outside due to smell , it was my first harvest, great smoke

, I’m actually having 2 beans in water and a seedling :seedling: going , I wanted to have a all one flavor grow and decided to go with Mk Ultra since I liked it that much , good luck with your grow


I have an MK Ultra flowering now. Can you please share what indicators appear to signal it’s time to harvest. This is my 2nd attempt at growing but my first was an epic failure. I’m much further along this time! Really hoping to time the harvest correctly.