Mixpack pricing

So I’d like to buy 12 different strains by purchasing 4 mix packs. I noticed you can buy 3x5 and 3x10 packs… the 3x10 packs are only around $50.00 more than the 3x5 packs, however, when I go to add two different 3x5 packs, bringing my seed count to the same as a single 3x10 pack my total cost comes to twice that of a single 3x5 pack. Is there any way to buy 4 3x5 mix packs for the price of a 3x10 pack? I’d like to save $200.00 if I can. This is especially frustrating when picking two 3x5 mix packs that are the same price, meaning that they could reasonably offer those two 3x5 mix packs at the same price as a single 3x10 mix pack of one or the other.

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Welcome to the forum.
The seed shop is not really connected to this forum.
Send that question by email to customer service.

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Thank you Spiney_norman, I appreciate the help. I really wasn’t sure where to go with that.

Sucks being a small grower.

I contacted them a few months ago about buy 10, get ten free of something else, but they said they aren’t set up to do that. I only have room to grow 20-25 plants a year, so getting 20 of the same seeds means I’ll be smoking only one strain for a year or so.

Seems like a good idea paying to get ten each in your mixes, but that’s 120 seeds, or in my case, 4 years worth.

Hmm, lots of growers here from Michigan, maybe a seed exchange would be in order.

I don’t expect my response to be any better than you got and a seed swap is probably not a bad idea. I can run just about as many per year as you, 6 at a time. I’m not against buying more to have as backup or when I don’t have time to pop them clone em. I just wish there was a mix and match option of 15 ct mix packs that offered the same value as the 30ct mix packs. I can afford 4 30ct packs, I’d just like to get more variety for that price. They could solve my problem pretty easily with a one time coupn code but in the end It is what it is. I’ll probably just end up waiting for a sale that makes them more attractive.


Yeah, the seed pricing is weird.

Good thing clones are easy to grow.

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I agree with these comments. Being able to create your own mix pack would be a great feature and I think people would purchase more that way overall. There’s always one strain I don’t want out of the three lmao these are always great seeds tho!! I’ve had all of them germinate so far (20 seeds)

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