Mixing water and leftovers

I was curious I was planning on starting to feed my girls but since I only have 3 plants right now, is it ok to make a gallon of feed mix knowing that I will have leftovers? will that hurt effectiveness? or should I only make 1/2 gallon? It just when only needing to add a teaspoon of this or that it seems easier to do a little larger batch and then use it over a few days.

You will get different answers from everyone. I dump whatever is left over personally. But there are people that will keep a nute mix for 2 weeks or so. They just ph again before using.

So its your call honestly.

whos nutes are you using

General Hydroponics BioThrive Grow and Bloom. The guy from my local brew and grow recommended it.

I mix what I need at the time. I would the synthetic nutrients would store better than those with a lot of organic ingredients.

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