Mixing the potting mix

Hi all. Thx in advance for any help.
Ive got my pots and got what I hope are the right " ingredients " to start growing.
I have-
Premium Potting mix with added fertilizer
Coco Coir
Mushroom compost
Seed raising mix.
I gather i mix the perlite into potting soil
What do i do with other? Do I layer or mix in altogether?
I was planning to do a layer of the the seed raising mix on the top.
Do i need stones at botton for drainage?
Am i missing something?

What’s the premium potting mix with added fertilizer? Time release fertilizer like miracle grow is a no-no.


This is the tupe i got

I’m not familiar with it specifically, but it appears to have slow release fertilizers. That’s not what you want.
It will grow cannabis, but you can flush it and the end result is usually pretty harsh tasting.
Are you in AU?
Can you get pro-mix?
Any soil with zero time release/slow release fertilizers can be amended to grow what you want.
Know anyone that composts?

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Yeah in au. I could try and return it and get something else.

You did well to ask before diving in. I would save that for some tomatoes. There are many good options that are designed more for weed, and anything with timed-release nutrients is bad. There are Fox Farms Ocean Forest, ProMix BX (and some other ProMix varieties), and I’m sure others will chime in as well.

No rocks. For drainage most people use fabric pots. Real good for preventing standing water, mold, etc.

Lots of different options for your ‘starter’ pot, most resemble a Solo cup :wink: The fabric pot would be for later.

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I did straight organic soil, nothing added and mixed it 50/50 perlite. My WWA have grown into monsters at only 5 weeks old. I learned NOT to use soils with time release ferts on my first grow, my plants only got to about 10" tall and MAYBE 1/2 oz between 4 plants because I couldn’t feed them properly. I have learned that simple is the way to go with growing outdoors. I also recommend using grow bags if outdoors.

For germination, I used solo cups with Jiffy Organic starter medium. 20 oz bottles cut in half for humidity domes and placed outside in shade. 5/5 sprouted within 3 or 4 days max.

I did read that,as a beginner i should avoid any transplanting as it stresses the plant too much. So ive decided to play safe and just start in pot.

@Flipper01, I am a beginner too. First grow was earlier this year. I transplant mine 5 days after sprouting but remember, I germinate mine outdoors in shade so they are used to outdoor temps. A day or so after sprouting I move babies closer to the full sun but still shaded. Are you growing outdoors or indoors?

I have an outdoor grow journal if you are interested. The advice I am giving is based on my personal experience and I like the KISS method- Keep It Simple Stupid.

I am planning to grow in shed. It has insulated walls but all the roof is clear polycarb. I do have an exhaust and a rc aircon.

I think you should look at a few of the grow journals on here, and see how they started their plants before you decide. a well drained solo-cup is what most use, until she gets going. It makes it easier to manage.

The transplant ‘shock’ is just the plant slowing down for a few days as she adjusts to the new environment. roots stretching out and stuff. If you are gentle with it all you see a a pause in growth.

If you do go right to the pot, be careful how you arrange your soil. You might think about a pot-sized area right around where the plant will be that is a ‘lighter’ mix. Like some of the plain soil before you do your mix.

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I have been reading alot but it does get confusing as so many do it different ways. I do have one of these in the pic. 15351641383565185040220964345907

I’ve only had a few grows myself, and none so far without issues :wink: I am by no means an authority, but I know really well about a few things not to do :slight_smile:

Do some reading in the “Guides” up top and you will definitely get a return on the investment.

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So i take my potting soil with slow release fert back to bunnings hardware to swap over and to my surprise there wasnt 1 potting mix, out of about 15, that didnt have slow release. Its actually hard to find with a quick google. I found 1 that was 70lt and only $6,95 which gave a warning signal straight away. Looked it up and found stuff all info. My search continues

I found the same with trying to find plain peat that wasn’t “enhanced”. I gave up looking and order from Amazon - they have both the FFOF and Promix. The Promix is about half the price buying direst from the company, but with a massive shipping cost, 2-day-free is easier and the same price. I am using the Fox Farms Happy Frog for the ‘lighter’ mix around the seedling and top 1/3 of the pot, (has mycorrhizae in it to help rooting) then the rest of the pot if the Ocean Forest.

The problem is its all different here, even from state to state

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Do you have access to Amazon deliveries? The cops could probably bust me just based on my collective purchases :wink:

Only amazon aust. Yeah want to avoid deliveries