Mixing soil n measuring

How do you all measure out your soils for mixing? Do u use a measuring cup or what? Do u pack it right or very loosely? I got a recipe I wanna make based on a Cubic foot but not sure of to get correct measurements of volume. I got a scale for the stuff to measure out in grams n that part seems easy

I think most people rough estimate it.

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I don’t know any growers who attempt to be so precise or weigh out their additives. I eyeball what I add to soil, which isn’t very much.

I tamp the soil down slightly. It will continue to settle over time.


Well the only reason is I don’t know what the ph will be if it’s not really close to the recipe.it’s non organic n chemical bites to be used. Is there a pretty accurate way to measure soil PH with a water ph meter??. The soil meters are too expensive.

*chemical nutes, not bites

If you use ready packaged canabis specific soil like fox farm promix or something of the sort it will be buffered st right ph… dont try to adjust or really even worry about soil ph for that matter as a new grower give your self as short a learning curve as possible worry about phing home made soil when your a couple years down the line and you like growing… dont make it hard for your self for no reason and give your self a reason to not like it… get some fox farm soil and check that off your worry list… you have to ph your nutrient mix on the other hand… focus on that and not soil on top of it… you can get ph reagent drops and a bottle of up and down for like 15 bucks on amazon by general hydroponics… that’s a neccesity… 65$ oh pen… not needed… I use drops only and I’ve owed well still own 2 ph pens and they sit on the shelf… chemicals csnt lie… pens can be off and need calibration… @tagme if you need any helph

I thought about getting drops but they would be only good for water. Any water that get colored from different fertilizers throes off the colors n easy reading then

No sir t… the color is very easy to se with any tint…
I solely use drops like I said I have had 3 pens 2 still work and never get used cuz I did the pens and drops side by side for a while and found them to be spot on so I dropped the pen which can be off… I dont take the extra step to pour some into a separate cup and all that jazz… after you have mixed hundreds of gallons with your usual water you need about the same nutes every time same up or down every time… silica always gets down and most of the time most nutes ph pretty good to what I’m doing…I just drop 1 single drop into the mix after bubbling it for about 5 mins … when the drop hits the water it will immediately flash color … and it’s just a reassurance at this point it should turn pee yellow to light tint green and your within range… if your acidic it will turn red red and if your base it will be blue green… very easy to see. I only use drops even from scratch now

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Wow. That’s very awesome to hear. But even if it’s a brown color if you’re making an organic mix, u can still see the color???

Try it always good to have it on hand… if course it’s not gonna he as prominent as in clear… but if it’s that dark do it in a secondary glass… for 99.5% of the time the 1 drop right in the mix is plenty to get an indicstion… it’s not gonna do like ok its 6.0 so its yellow and the water is …pink say yellow and pink would be kinda orangy… na its give color it should be not color it would be if it were mixed with an off clear color :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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