Mixing soil and coco

Hey there yall so I have a plant that needs to be transplanted its currently in a 1 gallon pot with fox farms happy frog soil I need to pot up to a 3 gallon but don’t currently have enough soil to pot up I do how ever have a bunch of coco for my next run can I mix my coco with soil so I can pot up it wouldn’t be much coco being mixed maybe about a 1 gallon pot worth

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You’ll just need to feed it sooner I’d imagine. No experience mixing the two though

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Thats what I figured also ive seen multiple different soil mixes utilizing coco in the mix my soil is fox farms ocean forest and happy frog mixed about 2 gallon worth and ill be mixing 1 gallon of coco just so that I have enough volume to complete fill the pot im essentially using it as a filler

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I’ve mixed it before and you just have to water more as coco won’t hold water like soil does.


You’ll be watering more often and might want to add some cal mag as the coco steals that from the nutes