Mixing sativa and indca for medical use

I’m a outdoor grower on the equator in Colombia…I have seven wild sativa growing very well,and several white widow,and two Moby Dick plants…plus only SINGLE seed plant from a harvested White Widow auto,I found the single seed during the cutting process…[ It’s made a very nice plant ! FYI, I think it was crossed with the wild sativa, but I’m not certain…But it started as a sativa leaf and "kinda " changed to a modified indica leaf…meaning
it has more leaf structure that resembling indica…It’s growing very fast ,much faster than the Moby Dick auto three feet from her…
Back to the question,The wild sativa is very very strong when smoke tested…The White Widow and the Moby Dick autos are real couch lock types when I test smoke them…FYI,My test smoke is a single puff,nothing more…It’s the only tool I have to test strength…
I’m making only medicine from the plants,and am wondering if anyone out there has experience on mixing finished plant oils,Thank’s for any comments ,Jim AKA Tico Gringo…Hola Majic Toker !

That’s the hybrid in the plant genetics, yes go ahead and mix them you’ll get same if not better results, some plants will contain different levels of thc and cbd than others ie some indicts are higher ratio than sativas and some sativas are of higher ratios than indica and others may have better pain relieving affects when you mix both landrace oils together. @TicoGringo. Hope this helps out. How have you been @TicoGringo, been a minute since talking

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