Mixing of nutes

Can you mix Cal/MAg with Bloom nutes? Looks like I have a mag deficiency and want to feed the flowering that started a week ago also.

Yes. I suck up 5ml of calmag in a blunt tip syringe. Squirt that into gallon of water then rinse syringe. Suck up my micro, squirt into gallon of water with calmag in it. Rinse syringe. Suck up my bloom nutrients and add to gallon with calmag and micro. You just can’t have say a 15ml syringe and suck up say 5ml calmag, 5 ml micro, 5ml bloom in same syringe


Awesome, Thank you!

@HornHead has got you covered, after your additives you will probably have to ph up a little to get to that sweet spot before you feed. Good luck @SeaSeaside_guy1

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Yep Spot on had to deal with PH a little but got it to 6.5. Thanks again KD.

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